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>> Saturday, 19 February 2011

It was one of those fortunate day when we had got an outing from hostel after almost a month. I guess wardie was in a good mood for whatever reasons. All of us waited for this day and everyone left the hostel at the specified time. The outing was for 2 hrs and we wanted to enjoy every minute of our freedom. 3 of us (Enchantica, T.Dolphin and third roomy) decided to be together and visit our most happening place, sector 14 market. As usual we tried avoiding the rickshaw and started walking towards the destination.

(Rickshaw used to cost us 10 bucks, which meant 15 long minutes in a cyber cafe. For every penny that we had, we used to equate with how many minutes it fetches in an internet parlor. Those days internet parlors charged 30 Rs an hr {it started with Rs60/ per minute of horrible speed})

On a sunny afternoon the distance actually felt like a never ending one. We had our own landmarks like rickshaw point, chintpurni mandir, shortcut point to hostel etc, which helped us keep a track on how much we still need to drag ourselves. We 3 were casually chitchatting and striding on the road, when we heard noise of a truck coming from far. As we knew it was a city of rash drivers, we immediately stepped on the footpath which was to our left hand side. The noise of the truck approached but we continued ignoring and walking. As the truck approached us, a hand came out of its window towards us and the ugly looking driver said loudly "Andar aa ja". As he did that act, the girl at left hand side got scared, lost her balance due to the fear of getting kidnapped and threw herself on the others, making all hit a largely urinated wall towards the right hand side. We were piled up on each other as if the municipality truck had just come to the city and dumped its garbage lot. The truck had sped away after the act.

The three of us sat on the footpath for a minute of shock. Suddenly first girl stood up, dusting her clothes and said: lets get up fast before he decides not to accept his defeat by not getting one of us. (As if she had played like a jhansi ki raani in saving all of us, and trucker driver would have taken this defeat on his ego)

Second one (who was still trying to come out of what happened) said " he missed the collars".

First one: What do u mean by that?

Second one: if we would have been in one of those collar dresses, it would have been easy for him to grab.

First one: yeah, god saved us, else imagine we being grabbed by our collars, and pulled in from the window of the truck inside.

Third one (whose heart was pumping like a drum in parade) starts laughing and said: i would have been the safest one.

The other two not realizing the context of her being safe as compared to other two ask her in chorus - "how?"

The third one says : Imagine, if he would have flicked you two, it would have been easy like pulling a feather in, but when he would have tried me, i would have slipped half way through the window and then my bums would have gone stuck considering their size. He wouldnt have preferred driving a girl half inside the window and half flying in the air outside while kidnapping them.

The two of them who were scared of the driver coming back to pick them again, broke into laughter as they had build their imaginations.

Driver never came back looking for us and we were safe but we had learnt a lesson that it was safe to walk next to urinated walls then to give a truck driver his share of laugh on his adventure.



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