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>> Saturday, 5 March 2011

Children and Young People’s Preparatory Meeting for the EAP Preparatory Meeting for the World Congress III against Sexual Exploitation of Children

14-16 August 2008

Children’s and Young People’s Recommendations

Child Sex Tourism (CST)


  1. Participation of communities, victims and people at risk in national processes to combat CST through regular meetings at national and provincial level on causes of CST, intervention, reporting systems and enforcement of laws.
  2. The community should watch/monitor tourists at national level including at entry points and community level and raise awareness of all incoming tourists on the issue of CST.

Recovery and Reintegration

  1. Reporting and protection systems are set up or strengthened to prevent as well as deal with cases and punish offenders at local level.
  2. The police capacity should be strengthened to receive accurate information, investigate tourists background and link offenders to the wider network.

Child Pornography


  1. Organize campaigns and trainings aimed at awareness raising on the issue of child pornography on the internet, videos, DVDs and real pictures of children or cartoons showing child pornography; targeted at parents, children, teachers and governments.

Recovery and Reintegration

  1. Child Friendly Systems should be set up where victims of pornography can report cases of abuse without being afraid of government authorities. Reporting structures already exist within some NGOs but child pornography is not reported much.
  2. Children who have been victimized should not hide their abuse or feel isolated, and should not be treated as criminals. They should have access to counseling and recovery programs as well as correction programs on bringing about behavior change for young offenders.
  3. Peer to peer programs should be set up in order to raise awareness and prevent exploitation related to child pornography in schools and communities.


  1. Develop laws where it does not exist and where there are laws, they must be enforced fully and strict punishments against offenders should be done by the government.
  2. Government should put systems in place to control and manage different media (print, electronic, internet and cell phones) that use and show pornography including regulating cyber cafes.

Child Prostitution


  1. Governments must ensure that all children have access to compulsory and free education and that CSEC is included in the school curriculum.
  2. Governments, parents, communities, and children should understand, respect and fulfill child rights including the right to protection from CSEC.
  3. Child protection networks ensuring safety of children should exist in all communities.

Recovery and Reintegration

  1. Governments must provide vocational training programs and reintegration programs so that children receive adequate care and recovery services that helps child victims and families.


  1. Policymakers should ensure that laws protect both boys and girls from child prostitution and these laws are enforced without corruption.
  2. There should be an EAP unified law/policy on CSEC and an agency to oversee that policies are being implemented. Governments should ensure that national and regional laws are being implemented and monitored at the local level.
  3. Governments should recognize and encourage child participation. Children’s representatives should be involved in the formulation of laws, reporting and monitoring of international treaties and laws (e.g. CRC and its Optional Protocol on CSEC) and participate in all meetings at different levels related to CSEC.

Child Trafficking


  1. Governments should provide vocational training and small microcredit programs for at-risk parents and children so as to eliminate poverty.
  2. Governments should provide free education (formal and non formal) for all children, especially for poor children so as to support children to access information and become aware of CSEC.


  1. Governments should have integrated programs for their safe rehabilitation (shelter homes that provide children services that cater to both their physical and mental needs such as counseling, medical, vocational etc.) and reintegration (community awareness and acceptance).
  2. There should be no discrimination for children infected with HIV/AIDS. Children should not be isolated in schools and the community and should be given free treatment. Children with HIV/AIDS must be considered the same as every one else and they should not be separated from their parents.


  1. Governments should ensure that the laws are enforced to protect both boys and girls against trafficking for sexual purposes and also raise awareness on laws at different levels.
  2. Governments should promote child participation at different levels in policy/programs, monitoring, and campaigns related to CSEC.



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