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>> Saturday, 19 March 2011

week later my Little in the Middle jeans arrived at my door. I opened the parcel and immediately tried on my first pair… It fitted like a glove, I couldn’t believe it. I tried my second one and it was exactly the same experience, as if it had been made to measure! Not only did they both fit perfectly but they made my curves look delicious, tucking-in my tummy without making appear unsightly bulges and hugging my hips and booty with love. I felt over the moon with my new jeans this were the best jeans for curvy girls I had ever tried on, and this is why I am recommending the Little in the Middle jeans to all curvy girls who want to feel at ease in their jeans.

The sizing method that makes sense

Little in the middle uses a sizing method that makes a lot of sense for us curvy girls. They actually use one size for the hips and a size less for the waist which makes for a natural fit for pear and hourglass silhouettes.



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