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>> Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Pussy & Me

My Pussy and me

we just don't see eye to eye

she has claws like razors

and teeth like a shark

and when she swats

she really leaves a mark

meanest damn cat I ever seen

wildest pussy I ever had

this is a cat who likes to be bad

she's worse than a junk yard dog

when it comes to being mean

she's no bump on a log

I found her by the river

down by the bog

she's meaner than some

razor back hogs

when I picked her up

she nearly took my nose off

she doesn't show gratitude

she's got quite an attitude

my pussy and me we just don't see eye to eye

I've tried to tell her bye, bye

but she always finds her way home

she is pretty damn sly

watch out or she will swat you in the eye

I have a pussy that's free

Hey, don't look at me

you've already been told

that she's pretty bold

if you look for affection

she will leave you cold

so I guess I'm stuck with her

till she grows old

then she will be out in the cold



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