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>> Thursday, 17 March 2011

College is an interesting time in the life of girls.That pre-marriage, post-completely irrelevant relationship state in which a girl finds herself in when she is in her late teens and early 20's is completely new and unexplored. Before this point, all relationships and interactions with the opposite sex were basically inconsequential and monitored by parents. Yeah, you might have loved your high school boyfriend, but most girls also realize high school relationships rarely last. However, most girls are also not looking to settle down at this point. They want to have fun. Not babies.However, once a girl goes to college, they are free to do as they please.

College-aged girls have some options on how to proceed depending on the stereo-type they fit into (and yes, I am completely aware this is not pc)

  1. The Good Girl. This girl dates or becomes extremely close friends with you with no intention of ever sleeping with you. The two of you will flirt, hold hands, kiss, talk on the phone, cuddle, and go on dates. But you aren't really in a relationship of any kind. The girl wants to remain in this limbo because well, the perks are plentiful without the responsibility, and typically, it is driven by the desire to remain a virgin for some (usually, religious) reason. I'm not going to lie, a part of me envies this girl and her dedication (it might also have something to do with the fact that every boy wants her because she is totally unavailable)
  2. The Antisocial Girl. This girl will love you. Through a computer or a cell phone. And when I type love, what I really mean is, this girl will talk with you about serious, important things between making references about the more obscure parts of pop culture. If you impress her enough she will then let you type out how much you want to bang her, and she will tell you how she is masturbating to those words. If you are really lucky, she will send you pictures of her (or more likely, a porn star's) boobs.
  3. The Sororstitute. This girl rushed a sorority and then turned into a prostitute. Buy her a drink, and she will probably sleep with you. Calling a girl a whore is not nice, so I should probably stop here.
  4. The Cool Girl. This girl hangs out with you and your friends. She plays video games and argues about which old school kids show kicked more ass (It's a debate between Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers). She can hold her alcohol. She wears jeans and sneakers more than anything else, and she sometimes forgets to brush her hair. She will call you in the middle of the night cause she's "bored". When you go over, after the two of you play some super Nintendo, she will have sex with you on her slightly dirty sheets. When it's finished, she will be hoping for you to hurry up and leave so she doesn't have to deal with your awkward small-talk. You won't hear from her again.
  5. The Ready-Made Homemaker Girl. At first, this girl is too good to be true. She makes you dinner, she washes your dishes, she helps you pick out your mom's birthday gift, and she even knits you sweaters. She is funny and cute and really charming. She will make you work before you sleep with her, but the sex will be amazing. Then, she will turn crazy. She will leave wedding magazines lying around as subtle hint. When you don't take the hint, she will poke a hole in your condom. Be prepared.



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