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>> Thursday, 17 March 2011

Women like fun, they like adventurous, they like interesting. Especially college girls. Its much better to be an interesting person than be a predictable person. Its better to be adventurous than to have the same old boring routine, and by being adventurous and spontaneous you will naturally notice that women have fun spending time with you. This is also a good example of why athletes are given a higher status in terms of being attractive. There is activity that is entertaining in his life, and obviously by being an athlete you are naturally perceived to be more of an "Alpha Male". But you definitely don't need to be an athlete to be alpha.

Flirting with women should be fun, it shouldn't be looked at as a task. But instead, your meeting people and having fun with it. Your developing your social skills and building new social strengths that enable you to meet new people. Your also building confidence which plays a huge part in attraction. It takes confidence to flirt with girls and a great way to build confidence is to make your life more interesting. If there are parts of your life that you feel are dull and boring, change them for the sake of making your life more exciting. The more exciting and fulfilling your life is, the more confidence you are likely to have because you will be happier with you, happier with the way your life is going and confident enough to talk to a girl just to tell her how cool your life is.

At the same time, women like it when the man is the one taking charge, which also relates with the idea of being an "alpha male". Its better to be decisive than it is to be unsure, which is why you shouldn't feel ashamed when you decide to approach a woman or flirt with a woman. When talking to woman, be assertive, take charge, and act like you know what you want without feeling ashamed. When you feel some type of underlying guilt or shame, there is a possibility that women will notice and you will come off as if you have some underlying motive.



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