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>> Friday, 11 March 2011

Love Those Boobs!

We live in a society that is obsessed with boobs. The ideal woman seems to have two perfectly matched, erect, bouncy, and, at least, C cup breasts. And, no way do they have stretch marks. Women who don't live up to these expectations (which happens to be most women) might feel like something is wrong with them.

The truth is that every woman has a unique set of breasts; and, each one of those breasts is unique. Our breasts are diverse in shape and size. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having boobs that are different sizes, have stretch marks, or don't stick firmly out.

It does happen that a woman will have a size discrepancy that is striking—which can cause some psychological pain. Other women have such large breasts that it causes back pain and discomfort. These can lead to healthy decisions for breast surgery. However, many women choose to have surgery because they want to live up to this ideal image of how women should look.

Why Do Breasts Exist?

Many women think their breasts exist for the pleasure and benefit of someone else. Have you ever heard someone tell a woman not to breast feed because it will “ruin her breasts”? Symbolically, breasts represent nurturing. The act of nurturing is about giving and taking; yet, when women find that their breasts aren’t bringing them any pleasure, but only there for the pleasure of others, women miss out on a powerful relationship they can have with their bodies. While it is perfectly normal and acceptable for women to allow others to take pleasure in their breasts, it is even more important for women to find pleasure in their own breasts.

Women tend to be givers. But, when women give all the time without taking the time to care for themselves, they begin to feel stressed. Research has associated women who suffer from stress (whether it is from job loss, divorce, or bereavement) with an increased risk for breast cancer.

So, why do breasts exist? They exist for the pleasure and benefit of the women they belong to. Offering them to others for pleasure can also bring pleasure to the women they belong to.



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