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>> Thursday, 17 March 2011

College Girls Just Want to have Fun

Isn’t that the big question? “Why does the jerk get all the girls in college?” Why does the guy who treats girls like a lower life form seem to have more girlfriends then the “nice guy?” My experience definitely shows this old adage to be true.

Through high school I nearly embodied the definition of a “nice guy.” I was a true people pleaser who always put others needs ahead of my own. This held even more firmly for other girls needs. If a girl I was dating at the time asked for something, no regard for my own activities, I was there for her. If a girl I knew had guy trouble, I was her number one guy to talk to. I honestly had no restraint in giving into every desire of the girls in my life, just in seeking their approval. And with all of this attention I was giving out, I rarely received any in return.

By the time I went off to college I started to realize my “nice guy” ways were not going to get me a girlfriend. So I decided to change. I went out with the pure intention of breaking my old habits and boosting my self-confidence.

So I started at the source:



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