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>> Saturday, 12 March 2011

Makes Lists and Get Things Done Early

Most birthday party planning begins with having a child say something like, "I want a Spiderman birthday party." In other words, the theme is the place to start. In the unlikely or rare event that your child has not yet announced his wishes regarding a theme, ask.

If the child has outgrown Disney princesses or Spiderman, or if he has no particular, obvious, interests on which to build a theme; decide on two or three colors as a theme. Good choices for boys' parties are one or two primary colors (with or without white, depending on whether you want a more summer-like color scheme). Most girls have a favorite pastel color or two. Choosing one pastel color and white or two pastel colors for girls works well.

Choosing a color or two with silver or gold can help create yet another theme. Pale lilac and silver balloons make a nice them for girls of any age. Red, gold, and silver balloons can ad a "techno" look for a boys' party. There is also, of course, choosing a multi-color theme, in either primary or pastel colors.

Deciding on a theme, and keeping it in mind, will help guide you in all the other choices involved in planning a party.

In general, planning and preparation for a home birthday party can be done in two phases - Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 involves considering the theme, coming up with ideas, shopping for things that will keep, and getting some tasks done as early as possible. (Sometimes it turns out the local party store doesn't have Spiderman tablecloths after all, and an online order can take extra time.)

Phase 1 may take a couple of evening hours of planning and list-making, followed by shopping and a few extra tasks at home; but making and checking off lists as early as possible will leave little left to be done in the days just before the party.

You will need two types of lists: Lists of things to buy (or if you already have them, get out and know where they are) and a list of things to do.



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