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Party Girls Are Going to Swing The Party

>> Friday, 4 March 2011

am Aayaan Khan from mumbai, 24 years old, 6 feet tall and have a great personality (Wrestlers Personality) I am new to ISS but a old reader. I am now going to narrate you the true instant happened last month when I and a team of other 3 persons were busy in examination preparation. Our team consists of 2 females and 2 males including me. All the three members were outsiders and are there till the examination ends

I am very crazy of cleavages and I never miss a chance to have the view of valleys and big boobs. I got excited on seeing the big boobs in t-shirts, side pose of females and also whenever I see a view where boobs are being crushed in tight bra and want to get released from the prison. In first 2-3 days nothing was happened and all four of us are working seriously. On 4th day I came to know that other male member received an accident. Being the in charge of examination, I decided to share the workload with other 2 females. Their names were Rita Mahajan and Megha Srivastava.

We had to work late in the evening to get task completed, One evening, when both of the females were busy with work, I was looking to Rita. That day, she was wearing black saree, red bra and black blouse with deep cleavage. Her big boobs of size 36 c, 32 34 were trying to come out of the blouse. She was so busy that she did not notice that I am watching her. Even her pallu was also slipped out of belly and blouse, revealing her assets. Her color was fair, On seeing her, I got excited and my cock was at its glory. It was trying to come out of under wear and pant. I was slowly massaging my cock under the table.

At that time Megha was busy in other room. I could not control my feelings and I went into bathroom. I opened my pant and underwear and started massaging my cock……On seeing her, I got excited and my cock was at its glory. It was trying to come out of under wear and pant. I was slowly massaging my cock under the table. At that time Megha was busy in other room. I could not control my feelings and I went into bathroom. I opened my pant and underwear and started massaging my cock.

I was busy and I forgot that I was in ladies toilet and I even did not lock the door in excitement. My eyes were closed in ecstasy. Suddenly the door opened and Rita entered the toilet and on seeing me in this condition, she shouted on me and asked me what I doing in ladies toilet. Recognizing the situation, I said sorry to her and said I had not noticed that I am going in ladies toilet. During our conversation, I was still massaging my cock. My cock was shining because of pre-cum on it. Cock head was red completely

She kept standing and said that she was not expecting such thing from a person like me. I was already hot on seeing her cleavage. She threatened me that she will report the matter to director and will take legal action. I took some courage and come closer to her, still keeping massaging my cock. I said sorry to her again and again. Now I was so close to her that I can feel her breath. I took hold of her and dragged her in the bathroom and closed the door. She was trying to escape out of me, but I was holding her so tight that she cannot. She was about to shout.

I informed her that there is no one who will listened your voice as Megha was in another room which was 200-300 meters away. I hold her from her hair and started sucking her soft lips. I told her that I was watching you from last 2-3 hours and was looking into your blouse and enjoying the cleavage. I could not control my feeling and that is why I come to toilet to get relax. I told her that if my intentions were to fuck her, then I can do it in room also. I said, I am not interested to fuck you. We both are mature and must enjoy sex.

Listening to my words, she started building trust on me. She herself hugged me tightly. I was in heaven and was praising myself that now I can fuck her tonight as long as I want. I started moving one of my hands on her belly and started kissing her forehead, eyes and cheeks and then lips. We then started giving French kiss to each other. I started moving my hand upwards towards her boobs. By anther hand, I hugged her tightly. She screamed because of pain. I then started moving my hand touching her boobs. Slowly she started leaving her control. I then started removing her pallu and opened her saree and threw away.

She was in blouse and petticoat only. I then started massaging her boobs by both two hand started giving kiss on her neck. She was arousing and were closing her eyes. I then opened her blouse buttons from front and removed it. Then I got crazy on seeing her mountains. Her mountains were trying to come out of the bra tearing it. I then moved my hand back side and opened her bra hooks and as soon as I opened the bra hooks, the big boob got freedom from jail and was erected

I become mad on seeing boobs hardness. Both boobs are tight and nipples were small and erected. I started sucking both of them one by one and when I was not able to control my feelings, I take both the nipples in my mouth together and bit them. She screamed in pain. I then opened the knot of her petticoat and made her nude. She was not wearing the panty inside. Her pussy was not shaved. For me, it doesn’t matter whether females have shaved pussy or not. I enjoyed with both type a lot. I then started rubbing my hand on her pussy and was slowing inserting my index figure in her pussy. She murmur in excitement. Her pussy was already full of pre-cum as she too became very hot.

Now, she was not able to stand properly. I then grab her in my arms and made her to lay down on floor. I then widen her legs and come between them. I then put my mouth near the pussy gate and smelled the perfume out of her. I started licking the hairs on her pussy and made them wet. I started inserting my tongue into her pussy and sucking the clitoris. This made her more erotic. She was holding my head and trying to press deep into the pussy. I inserted my nose also into her pussy and simultaneously licking her juices coming out

I was not able to control. I then lied down on floor and moved into 69 position. Now my erected cock is towards her mouth. I again started licking her pussy and ass also. Her ass hole was too small. She was holding my cock and massaging it. Then I don’t know what happened to her, she bite on my cock head and started inserting tip of tongue into my cock hole. This was making me crazier than before

She was now taking my complete cock into her mouth and sucking it. She continued sucking my cock for 10-15 minutes. When I was not able to control, I took out my cock and made her lie on floor once again. Then I lifted her legs on my shoulders and pointed my cock head on pussy entry. I then bend a little and gave her the first hard push. Fuchhhhhhh. She screamed oooooohhhhhhhhh. She said “kitna mota lund he, nikal lo, mujhe dard ho raha he”. This time, only cock head was inside her pussy. I don’t pay any attention to her words. I again gave a nasty blow into her pussy.

This time my half of the cock was inside. She started shouting like nothing, Seeing her in pain, I laid on her and started sucking boobs and nipples individually, then both of them together. I also kept on moving my cock in her pussy slowly (in –out). This bring some relaxation to her and she started enjoying..She was holding me and was nailing my back. Sometimes, she was also licking my nipples even. I then increased my speed gradually and started moving into her pussy with a jet speed. I was taking my out completely and inserting it again fully in her pussy. My cock was banging her pussy.

She was saying words like “aur teej se chod”, “aaj meri chut phad do”, “bahut bada and mota he tumhara”, “ji bhar ke chodo”. Such words were making me crazier and I started fucking her harder. Her boobs were jumping like anything, After continues fucking of 15-20 minutes, she hold me tightly and nailed my back. Blood also started coming out of my back. I came to know that now she is getting discharged (jharne wali he). I increased my speed to fullest and after 5 minutes I hold both her boobs so tightly that she pained and cried, but I did not listen to her. I ejaculated my load of sperm into her pussy.

My load was so much that it started coming out of her pussy, We remained in that position for another 5-10 minutes. I then asked her how she thinks about my sex capabilities. She become shy and again started sucking my cock. Within 10 minutes, my cock again got erected and I fucked her in doggy style, standing style, she on top and ‘T’ style that night. She enjoyed sex for 4 times that night. She also had sex with me for another 3-4 days continuously.

Also seduced Megha, the another girl by showing her our love game through close circuit camera installed in my office. Later on, we all three enjoyed sex in my cabin throughout the examinations. Faculties were taking examinations and we all three were nude and playing with each other. I was playing with pair of two girl’s boobs, two asses, and two pussies. They were playing with my rod – drinking juices, sucking and playing with my balls after read this story i hope girls and woman’s mail me at contact me on my e mail address if any female is interested…



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