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>> Thursday, 3 March 2011

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Indian Soc Annual Report

Core Committee Info

· Presidents – Amish Acharya & Shalil Solanki

· Treasurer – Mitesh Patel

· VPs of EMW – Aditi Naik, Kavita Aggarwal & Mohamad Panjwani

· Marketing Heads – Clare Carasco & Saman Zaman

· Secretaries – Raghav Kao & Trishna Gunnoo

We also have a large number of officers to help us with certain events


It has been a good year activity wise for Indian Soc, we have kept to our traditional events being:

· Fire & Spice – Our annual fresher party, this year was held at strawberry moons, it was packed out and was a success

· Aunties & Uncles – Our version of mums and dads, where we pair up freshers to older years for aid and guidance, took place in the Reynolds and was pretty successful as we had a number of younger and older years turning up

· East Meets West – Our flagship event of the year, this year held in the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in Covent garden, stlll in the aftermath of the show as was only on the 22nd of Feb, however the show and production of it went very smoothly on the night and was heralded a success by the large audience

· East Meets West Afterparty – Held in Sound nightclub, same venue as last year

· We may have a final end of year event (another Fire & Spice)


There were no main constitution amendments made this year

Membership Totals

192 members (we expect to reach projected value of 200 before end of year, an increase of about 18% from last year).
Membership Cost = £3
Subscription Income = approx. £490

Main activities for the year

· Fire & Spice (Strawberry Moons) – Monday 13th October 2008

· Aunties & Uncles (Reynolds)

· East Meets West (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane)– Sunday 22nd February 2008

· East Meets West Afterparty (Sound ) – Sunday 22nd February 2008

Financial Activities

  • The majority of ICIS’s income & cost is attributed to EMW.
  • This year, total costs for EMW was approx. £30k. About 65% of this cost was related to ground hire! Marketing costs for the event were reduced from last year by 15% to £2500. Equipment hire costs were also reduced from last year to approx. £1800.
  • At the same time, EMW also produces most of our income! This year, EMW will have made a profit of approx. £2.4k (after sponsorship has come through). Majority of income is from ticket sales approx. £20k. Approx. £13k is from sponsorship.
  • Fire&Spice (Fresher’s Party) also made a profit of approx. £770, which was used towards helping costs of EMW. The main cost for this event was flyer design & printing costs (£260). The only source of income for this event was ticket sales.
  • At the end of this year, we should be richer than last year, provided sponsorship comes through! We are expecting roughly £13k in sponsorship (copies of sponsorship contracts have been kept).
  • Last year’s SGI read approx. -£3k. By the end of this year, it should read approx. £1k.

Plans of Next Year

· We will be having a final AGM/Elections soon so we can get a new committee rolling on to the production of next year’s EMW because what we found this year was that we were close to running out of time on a number of things, which could have been avoided if we started earlier.

· Main events for next year: Fire&Spice, India Week and East Meets West.



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