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>> Sunday, 15 May 2011

When you are planning to travel abroad, do not forget about travel insurance . Why is it important to address the insurance? Tourist planning their trip as a time to which he devoted to rest and fill your memory bright and pleasant experiences. However, sometimes it happens that a holiday marred by illness or injury. As a result, the tourist is in hospital or just visiting a doctor and must leave a lot of money for medical services and medicines. Medicine is now quite expensive and, after illness or injury can have a rest much become empty wallet. To make this not happen to think over in advance of travel insurance to help pay for unexpected medical expenses.

In such cases, useful insurance policy that must be purchased in advance. Many countries, who need a visa, do not issue visas without health insurance.

Therefore, each traveler must make travel insurance . You should contact the organization that issued insurance policies of international importance. It is important that travel insurance for tourists pass by the insurance company that has access to international medical organizations. Typically, the insurance company enters into agreements with other international insurers, who will oversee the tourists abroad in the event of health problems. As a result of travel insurance not only provides payment for medical care, but also the organization of emergency care in trauma, accident or sudden illness.

The tourist, a contract on travel insurance should carefully review the terms and conditions set forth in the rules of insurance.

Going abroad, hardly anyone would think that with it something happens. Therefore, most of the tourists belong to the insurance as an unnecessary formality imposed by the embassies of the States and tourist companies. If there is a possibility - the tourists refuse this service, or choose travel insurance at the cheapest policy with the minimum amount of insurance coverage case, unaware that they can find something serious and they will be without adequate protection. Despite the fact that travel insurance and medical insurance is not a binding document upon departure from the country, many consulates require its presence for visa issuance.

The basic health insurance program includes payment of medical expenses that may arise in case of accident or sudden illness of a tourist. Insurance company in this case, the tourist pays coverage for physician services and issued medication. If a tourist is required hospitalization - insurance company pays the clinic stay and meals, as well as diagnosis, laboratory tests, surgery and intensive care. In the case of the death of a tourist insurance company will arrange delivery of the body home and the necessary funeral services. In addition to the above, payment of health insurance include the costs of emergency transportation to the clinic, including the special transport and medical aircraft, the organization of transportation from the hospital to the place of residence, including medical personnel as escorts.

In issuing the insurance policy must take into account that European countries have specific demands to the policy of insurance of tourists coming into their territory. This means that travel insurance should include the data required by the state set of services covered by insurance, as well as a certain amount of insurance coverage are not lower than the state. Some countries also require that the amount of payment of health insurance to meet certain sum for each type of service.

With regard to chronic diseases - that tourists should know that these diseases are not included in the basic insurance program and to treat them in case of aggravation abroad will not be paid. Therefore, tourists with chronic illnesses should consider in advance with your doctor possible aggravation when you stay abroad, and to avoid countries where the aggravation of the most possible.

Tourists often insure against accidents and partial loss of disability. This means that such insurance entitles him to payment of additional compensation.

In addition to health insurance can also protect yourself in case of unforeseen travel expenses for family members of the insured, and insure your luggage. Thus, we can understand what travel insurance is not just required a formality, but a necessity that will protect tourists during the trip
With a travel time of only 3 minutes from Kuta Beach, Legian Tune Hotels is one alternative for those of you who want to stay with the atmosphere of the beach.

Although located in shopping malls and entertainment areas, the atmosphere surrounding Tune Hotels fairly quiet. Suitable for those who want to travel with family.Sports enthusiasts who set about on their summer travel plans at the Olympics will benefit these helpful tips on how to begin. Most people plan their Olympic trips before hand as well as everything from tickets to hotel rooms will be booked quickly run out completely once the games get closer. As such it is wise to start working on your plans soon, to ensure that all goes well when the summer of 2012 rolls.

Tickets are of course the most important component of the program all summer Olympic travel. Maybe you want to start by getting your hands on the schedule of events. This way you can figure out which days the events you want to see take place, you will then have a time frame around which to plan your trip. Schedule of events is widely available online. There are also websites you can sign up with to keep you informed of when tickets go on sale.

If the main purpose of the trip is that you just to be part of the festivities and to soak up the atmosphere of the games, the best way to ensure the cards will get them less popular events. The tickets for opening and closing ceremonies along with exercise and swimming events are going to sell fast. So it will be much easier to get tickets for less popular events since these will be less demand.

Once you have dates in mind, you can start looking for flights and accommodation. The Internet is a great place to start your search, there are many websites offering cheap flights especially if you make a reservation.

You should also pop into your local travel agent to see what offers they have on the table. Your homework on the different prices available will allow you to make an informed choice.

Package deals are committed to be your best bet. These transactions usually combine flights and lodging at a lower price. These packages allow you to save quite a bit compared to booking things separately. Hotels that are closer to different sports venues could be grabbed quickly, so you may find better offers discounts on hotels that are some of the major arenas. These are a great pick if you do not mind the commute between your hotel and venues. The Internet is the best place to look for the best deal on the market.

While you are enjoying all sporting excellence on the screen, do not forget that the city itself is one of the most exciting capitals in the world culturally rich. Spend time taking all the sights from the vantage royal palace to Harrods shopping, give yourself time to explore the city will ensure that you have the quintessential English experience.

Planning ahead makes the necessary research will ensure that your summer travel plans for successful Olympics. These tips should help you in your greatest sporting event on Earth.Various preparations of meat are often a favorite for families. Whether processed into bacon, roast beef, Empal, satay, or soup mix. But there are challenges in the menu to serve meat at the dinner table. One of them is the texture and tenderness of meat.

Creating delicious meat to eat is a pretty heavy duty chef. In addition to spices must absorb and fit the taste, the meat must diempukkan first for easy enjoyment. How does that make the meat more tender when eaten?
- Wash the meat with clean water after it purchased from the market or supermarket. The goal is to repel the bacteria that has been attached and prevent it from developing. With this addition of meat to avoid bad smell

- Cut the meat into pieces as desired

- Wrap the meat with papaya leaves that have been washed and cleaned, then knead. Let stand for about 30 minutes

- Marinate meat in seasoning and let stand again for 30 minutes.To be awake skin's natural moisture while bathing, follow the tips in this article!
Bath can remove the skin's natural moisture, it is a fact. This is what makes some people lazy to do a ritual cleansing with a bath. In fact, the bath is also useful to maintain hygiene, blood flow as well as generate energy.

Then how can we keep the skin moist? Certainly not by passing a ritual bath, it's still his name dirty. You still can maintain the skin's natural moisture in the bath with these tips below. If it is so, then the ritual bath would be something fun for the skin.lood Test

You are not sure whether your skin into the category of dry or not? Do this little test. Before the shower, when the body is still dry, your fingernails scratched on the skin. If there is a white scratch, then your skin is dry and needs more moisturizer.

Maximum 10 Minutes

A long bath and wear warm water will further aggravate the condition of your dry skin and make the event successful bath removes the skin's natural moisture. Always use cold water and do not be too long in the bathroom.

Select Soap Rich Moisturizer

This will help you to keep the skin moist. Choose a soap containing a moisturizer that has many in the market. Preventive antiseptic soap body odor will usually make the skin more dry.

Love Sponge Bath

When you shower and use a sponge to remove dirt and dead skin cells, do not forget to rinse and hang in a dry and exposed to the wind so as not moldy. It will also prevent the bacteria grow and move into your skin.

Immediately Wear Sunscreen

Once out of the bathroom, immediately use a moisturizer before three minutes. Your skin needs moisturizer immediately got intake. If after that you must move under exposure to air conditioning, plus the amount of moisturizer you use for no more dry skin and chapped.

Now you already know how to cope with dry skin since bathing. No more excuses lazy shower for fear of skin becomes dry. Good luck!1. The shirt that you are using now is the must-have item ..... 1997.

2. It's been tens of times people ask, "Are you his side job Salsa dancer, huh?"

3. It's because you are influenced by street style heels that have been rocking to the right and left.

4. When looking for a wallet, you find a big hole in the bag containing the rest of the sandwich .... last month.

5. Friend thinks your shirt accented thin fur, which was hairy because too often washed.

6. Often canceled dates because of little black dress is still a mainstay in the laundry. After her dress ... just one, really.

7. Because the doctor, shopping can eliminate stress. Admit it, you're stressed right? Especially after the deadline that consume your energy.

8. Comments lover when you appear in front of her heritage when you wear a skirt, "You remind me of the same old me ... I miss her."

9. Time THR ... duh!

10. You're beginning to look like your mother.The Luxton Hotel is a 4 star hotel that is strategically located near the Factory Outlet, entertainment area and Shopping Center located in the middle of downtown Bandung. Total rooms owned by The Luxton Hotel 94 rooms consisting of 81 Deluxe rooms, 7 executive rooms and 4 rooms Honeymooon Suite. Hotel Room Rate at The Luxton and will get 30% discount if you make a booking through the website of The Luxton.

Deluxe Room Rp. 1250 thousand / room / night
Executive Room USD. 1450 thousand / room / night
Honeymoon Suite USD. 1650 thousand / room / night
The Suite Rp. 2650 thousand / room / night
The Luxton USD. 3650 thousand / room / nightThis research is Revealed by the Daily Express, as quoted from Times of India, Nowhere women tend to be similar to her mother. In general, earnest They choose clothes with the Same taste, starting bed early, talking to mom style, smile , even laugh similar to the way her laugh.

40% of women even admitted That They express and respond to something with the Same attitude just like Their mother, even if initially They thought it was annoying.

"You can just imitate what Swear I will of the father / mother, but at a perform certain age you tend to imitate Their earnest behavior unintentionally. And this cans not be avoided," says Judi James, a psychologist Who is an expert in terms of Attitudes and habits.Imagine, how your legs get a load of your body throughout the day. Starting from walking in the park, running after the bus, or up and down stairs. It must be very heavy burden to be borne by the feet. Not to mention if your hobby wear high heels or shoes with pointy part at the front. Well, this will add to the burden of your feet.

Despite its weight, the feet is rarely glimpsed for treatment. If he could protest, surely he would protest you are more often noisy and hair care rather than feet. Though hair almost did not get any burden, heavier legs to support your body. From now on, come on feet care with natural ingredients.Although rarely seen, the legs (especially the legs up to the palm) also should receive treatment. No need to go far away to an expensive salon, you can treat the feet with ingredients easily available and do the treatment at home. Follow the steps pretty well:


A small cup lemon juice
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon (can be replaced with aromatherapy oils)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 / 4 cup milk
Warm water is incorporated into the basin


1. Mix all ingredients together, make sure all parts of your feet to the ankle into the basin.
2. Clean your feet, and enter into a mixture of these materials.
3. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes, let the lemon juice to make your legs relaxed. Milk and olive oil will moisturize your feet, especially the heel that is easy to crack. Cinnamon will eliminate the odor on the feet.
4. You can massage the calf to the feet of the submerged for blood circulation.
5. Rinse your feet with clean water, then dry with a towel.
Now, your feet will not protest anymore. Dare to look stylish with the latest shoes, should dare to also treat the feet!The first tip is Try to buy tickets visit to a museum over the internet. Especially famous Uffizi museum in the world, why? Because the line could take one to two hours each time, even aunt Kang Dada aka David, had to queue for nearly four hours to get into the Uffizi Museum! In Florence tourist internet site, we can buy some tickets to visit tourist attractions in accordance with the days and hours that we want. So no need too wait for hours.

The second are tips, find accommodations in the city. Because in Florence so many attractions to visit, with overnight stay in the city, save time in travel. Lodging in Florence are not too expensive, my suggestion, especially for those who choose a family apartment. We rented an apartment for four nights and for four people, an area of ​​100 meters apartment with a small garden.

The price is very attractive, then we pay an apartment is cheaper than having to hire two rooms at the hotel. Since most hotels would not accept two children in one room. And we do not want to let the two children we separated the rooms, because they are still under age.

Fortunately, we were not wrong to vote because our apartment lease, the decor has to offer makes us feel like descent aristrokrat ...! Do not imagine an apartment like in Jakarta that only the walls and glass, but the apartments on offer in Europe on average has its own features, such as ancient buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries...........
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