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Best Nightclubs For College Hangouts in Delhi Hotels with Girls

>> Tuesday, 16 August 2011

There are hundreds of nightclubs, resto bars, dance bars, night bars, and lounges in Delhi that are used as college hangouts but when it comes to spending your money and enjoying the whole night dancing and making fun with your college friends keeping in mind your and your friend’s personal security, you should not take any chances. If you are visiting Delhi for the first time and you want to have fun with your girlfriend, you need a list of best resto bars in the city that are meant for young boys and girls. The idea is to enjoy the whole night with best DJ, great music, quality food, and most importantly best cocktails and mixed hard drinks before going back into college session. So here I present a list of best nightclubs that are located in top five star hotels in Delhi where millions of foreigners and rich locals get together and have fun the whole night. I have also included the best pics to describe the place and maps to reach these locations.

Orange Room Night Club (Capitol), Delhi

Address: Hotel Ashok, 50 B Chanakyapuri New Delhi, India
Contact Numbers: 26873216 / 26110101 / 26878887 / 26879802 / 26878885
Security: Good
Orange Room Resto Bar in Delhi is more than a room or a club. Orange room is typically meant for college goers because here they can rock and roll and do whatever they want to.
Orange (previously named Capitol) is a mood, an emotion, and a frame of mind. Orange is a color that people associate with the happy things in their life… freshness, summer, energy, and chilled cocktail at the beach. Orange has all that, except instead of looking for a beach, let’s go to the heart of New Delhi at Ashok Hotel and feel the difference. It’s our happy place. A place for us to forget that there is a world outside. Just dance, have drinks, have delicious food, and have fun.
Orange Room is so orange that anything that enters it, turns orange – in other words becomes energetic, happy, and ecstatic. You come tired go rejuvenated, you come sad go bubbly, and you come happy go “blown off you mind”. Orange takes you to the next level of entertainment and satisfaction.
This is the concept that is taken to make the corporate identity of Orange Nightclub in Delhi. When we hear the words “Orange Room”, we first think about a fruit. We probably think there would a slice of orange or a whole… Where we stop thinking Orange starts thinking. Orange is different and it is not going to give you something that is so obvious. It also signifies that we have a statement and we are not afraid to shout it out loud as we do in the college. It signifies that we take the risk of standing out in the crowd and be the first to twist the obvious.



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