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>> Friday, 26 August 2011

Laptops are a great invention. Not only do you have the convenience of using your computer anywhere you may need it, be it on a plane or in a small café, but you also get the added convenience of being able to carry it with you with a virtually weightless ease. Women are especially appreciative of laptops, simply because they are slim and sleek and most will just about fit inside a handbag sized case. Given those statements, there are a few laptops that, although they probably were not designed specifically for women, they really seem as if they were.

The X2 StyleBook and the Tulip E-Go certainly come to mind when determining the best laptops for women. Both are designed more along the lines of fashion accessories, as opposed to computers. Their beauty and style are highly favored among women professionals, however, their computing technology rank among the very best as far as laptops go.

The StyleBook weighs only 3.9 pounds, and is available in pastel green, blue, pink, white, metallic black, and silver. Each of the colors also has an availablematching bag to carry the StyleBook in that is made of your choice of leather, suede, micro fiber, or faux crocodile skin. The StyleBook is definitely one of those creations that seems as if it were made for women.

Another great choice for women is the Sony Vaio VGN-T350. This little beauty is stylish and sleek and weighs in at only 3.1 pounds, which makes it great for carrying everywhere. Paired with your one of your favourite stylishlaptop bags you can take it anywhere.

X2 StyleBook Sony Vaio VGN-T350 Tulip E-Go
All these choices are wonderful for women, due to the color choices of each and the virtually weightless carrying. The matching bags simply add to the attraction. For professional women everywhere, a big thanks to the makers of the “women” laptops. With beautiful colors and fabulous matching bags and accessories, it is wonderful to know that women can find a highly functional laptop, and one that lends to the fashion and design that we all try to present. These make it much easier to show our feminine side, with beautifully designed and stylish laptops geared for women, that still do the job of the larger computers that our men use.



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