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The Beauty Of Indian Ladies

>> Sunday, 25 September 2011

IT IS TRUE that modern posh life and western style of living has made Indian women to shed down their traditional outlook to some extent. Their dressing system has changed.They move out more than they did in earliier days, etc. Some modern girls have drinking and smoking habits also.But the percentage of such women is still very very less.-not even 1% of the total women percentage in india.Majority of our ladies are still god-fearing ,kind hearted, and like to have sex with their life partner only.Family life is still a major concern for Indian woman.By these characteristics, their beauty has increased,as it brings a cultural look.Facial features

Majority of indian ladies have one of the following type of facial shape

1 Round face

2 Triangular face

3 Square shape.

The last one is seen in less number of cases when compared to other two.

The most attractive part in a person is his/her nose.The beautiful Indian women have finely shaped nose,either triangular, or small.The smooth tip makes it appear nicer.The eyes will be largely black, conciderable percentage of brown eyes are also seen. But blue eyes are very very rare in indian women.
The Dress

Saree is most suited dress for traditional Indian women. But churidar is also equally respected and preferred outfit.Skirts are not usually worn by majority of married indian women, though it is not a bar.
Jeans and Shirts

Yes, that too is seen on Indian ladies now a days. But it is not yet a village level dress. it is used , to a large extent, by educated ladies, or college students, living in cities and big towns.Wearing a loose top-like jubba(shirt) is now on the way of getting accepted as a honourable outfit.In Big cities and metropolis, grown up ladies also wear jeans and tight shirts, which gives a sexy look. it can not be denied now that younger generation if indian women, to some extent, are developing a leaning towords sexy dresses. on the influence of western trends.
Beauty and dress

It is a known fact that dress , properly worn, enhances the beauty of a [person. So, Indian ladies have taken care of dressing in their own way, for a long time. In olden timen times, even in Ashrams of saints, it is said that ladies used to decorate themselves, with flowers.Eventoday, flower wearing is perhaps a unique love for Indian ladies.Saree- is the unique outfit of indian ladies, since thousands of years.
Beauty in goddesses

Indian culture has seen its gods and goddesses also as beautiful indivisuals. Lakshmi (goddess of wealth), Saraswathi( goddess of knowledge and learning), Parvathi( wife of Lord Shiva), are all beautiful. Prayer verses praising there beauty are being sung from thousands of years. It is said, there beauty is the symbol of their bounty



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