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Hot Indian Girls in Pubs - Part 2

>> Tuesday, 20 September 2011

India failed to win the Miss Universe pageant again. Indian beauty pageant winners, fashion designers and just about anyone who is someone in the fashion industry is wondering where our Indian beauties are failing. Lara Dutta Bhupathi’s reaction on Twitter surmises the country’s disappoint, “Bummer that Miss India didn’t make it to the top 16. Have we lost our edge?? It’s been 11 years.”
Tapur Chatterjee, internationally known model, says, “The prospects for winning on such a platform are not limited to only grooming and intelligence. Overall personality matters. The kind of aura Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta carried was completely different.” Former Mrs India Shilpa Reddy explains, “Sushmita Sen and her contemporaries were not only a well-groomed lot, but they oozed confidence. They emerged at a time when the global exposure to India was very less. So when these girls stepped out in all their magnificience they won over the world.”
This year’s verdict came as a surprise to many as the Miss India contestant, Vasuki Sunkavalli, was a fine blend of beauty and brains. Holding the country responsible, Tanvi Singla, Miss Asia Pacific World India 2011 says, “I feel that the winning contestant had the support of the people of her country who voted for her. How many people in India were even aware that the contest was going on? I blame inefficient PR for it. We need to promote our beauties at national and international levels aggressively.”
Dr Jamuna Pai, a cosmetic and aesthetic physian, who deals with all the contestants before they are sent to international pageants, says their prospects would increase immensely if they were just given more time and exposure. “The girls are too busy running around working on campaigns for sponsors and they have absolutely no time to prepare themselves,” she says. Sundeep Soparkar, the official choreographer of “I Am She” says, “Beauty pageants have a lot to do with branding. Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta won because the brands needed their faces. Now, there are way too many pageants as well. So, internal rivalries are hampering opportunities, leading to the best being buried in the competition.”
What is ruling the streets?
Batmanning is the latest bizzare craze to take over the streets and the Internet. The act involves hanging upside down like the caped crusader, Batman. Batmanning has gone on to replace “planking,” which involved lying flat on your back in strange places. Compared to planking, batmanning is physically challenging.
A group of Purdue University freshmen claim to have started the trend last month. The friends made a video of themselves in action and uploaded it online, sparking of a wave of imitations.
Who is Captain Jihad?
The real life adventures of former al Qaeda-linked militant Nasir Abas have been published as a comic book for kids in Indonesia. It traces his transformation from foe to ally in the fight against terrorism, through a character called Captain Jihad. Abas has gone from helping train terrorists to carry out some of Southeast Asia’s deadliest attacks, to informing the police on the operations of the Jemaah Islamiya network. Abas’ transformation happened when he realised that violence was not what Islam preached.
When is Woodstock film fest?
The much-awaited, Woodstock Film Festival will begin on September 21. The 12th cinematic extravaganza is slated to kick start with the U.S. premiere of Jane Fonda film, Peace, Love and Misunderstanding. Other films set to be screened include Another Happy Day, Giving Back and Coming Up Roses. The film festival has collaborated with the Consulates of Israel and Spain to showcase their respective films. The Woodstock Film Festival began in 1999 as a part of the Woodstock 1999 Music and Arts Festival. Live music is slated for each night of the festival that ends on September 25.
Why Obama’s job plan won’t affect India
Assumptions in the plan
The job plan is based on several assumptions, primarily that companies will respond to tax relief incentives to hire new workers. Companies will have to re-evaluate their insourcing and outsourcing.
Focus on small businesses
Seventy per cent of the new jobs in the last 10 years were created by small businesses. Taking a cue from this, the federal government will have to encourage small businesses to expand locally — something missing in the plan.
Effect would be limited
Ideally, Obama’s plan should not impact Indian outsourcing firms but the immediate reaction of most corporates in the US would be to renegotiate contracts with their Indian vendors. This may result in some correction in the market.
All these measures may necessitate the Indian outsourcing industry to make a few changes in the medium and long term. The industry must prepare itself by optimising costs, finding innovative ways to deliver with improved productivity every day. Skill enhancement and quality services keep India in the competition.
The author Harjeet Khanduja is an HR expert associated with Anthelio Healthcare Solutions



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