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>> Monday, 5 September 2011

Arab Singer Marwa Photos

Belly dancing is a popular form of dance that was known to originate in the Middle East. It is also called as the Arab Dance. This form of dance has been quite popular especially to the females as this has become a great form of exercise, reduces osteoporosis, increases breathing and circulation, strengthens the cardiovascular system and burns calories. Another thing about belly dancing that made it quite popular is its colorful and oriental attire – hip scarves, veils, footwear and accessories. In the Middle East, Raqs Baladi (belly dance) is a social dance that is performed on all festive occasions such as weddings and other social gatherings for fun and celebration. The dance is performed by people of all ages and both sexes. Raqs Sharqi, the dramatized version of Raqs Baladi, is performed by professional dancers. It is the traditional dance of the Arabs who learn the dance from an early age.
In belly dance, a dancer uses movements in every muscle group of his/her body. A dancer visually communicates the emotion and rhythm of the music to the audience. Belly Dance is the solo dance with its own unique dance vocabulary that is fluidly integrated with the music’s rhythm. Though the dance is performed by men also, belly dance is mainly viewed as a woman’s dance. Belly dance is appreciated more when it is performed by a mature voluptuous woman. It is actually the dance celebrating the feminine sensuality. Egypt Saudi Arabia Lebanese Lebanon Jordan Iraq Morocco Bahrain Syria Algeria United Arab Emirates Actresses Pictures Girls enjoy in Party Hot Sexy Pics Arab Hot Sexy  Model Girls PIcs



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