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Bangladeshi girl have dance job in Dubai UAE and india

>> Monday, 10 October 2011

Saman is a sign of beauty, her attractive smile and eyes makes the boys crazy, She belong to the heart of Pakistan “Lahore” and studying in Qaid-e-Azam university Islamabad.(Capital of Pakistan) She is student of fine arts and literature. She loves to write poetry but in artistic style. She paints the poetry of Allama Iqbal and Mirza ghalib, She loves Iqbal thoughts. Allama Iqbal was a great poet according to her views he wrote the poetry for artists. Beautiful eyes girl Saman don’t want to be friend of uneducated people, because she thinks that the education can change the person and his life. and that is why shes loves to be friend of those guys who are at-least graduate and having studies continue. or are professional people.One of the most rising trend in Pakistan is right now that many girls welcome the calls from the strangers who are the aspirants of friendship. These girls ask for mobile phone cards and the easy load of the mobile phone balance and in return these girls talk with these boys or go on date to get a free meal. These girls also ask for the money, clothes and like to shop around. The more the easy loads and the cards, the more these girls go out and open up. As a person drains out or asks for more favors from the girls in return of cards and easy loads, the girls dump the guy and start looking for another idiot. But the former idiot often doesn’t forget and forgive and many sad incidents have happened as an outcome. Some guys have kidnapped and raped the girls, some have thrown acid on the girls and some have simply told the family of the girls to the would be in-laws of the girls. Parents should keep a strict vigil on the girls and I don’t see any reason why the school and college girls should have the mobile phones. Or if that is extremely necessary, then the parents should get a post paid package for their daughters and pay the bill themselves and keep eye on the mobile phone and Internet usage of the girls.Sidra is a passionate girl. She don’t think like other, that is why she is a special girl with full of charm. Her life style is different, most of the girls avoid from the boys and even dont like to chat or mobile chat with the boys. You can say that most of the Pakistani and Indian girls do not like to talk directly to the boys rather they talk via phone or SMS.
Mobile and Internet made it easy. Sidra is Looking for young and handsome boys mobiles numbers, don’t worry she is not going to share anywhere. She is finding her “Super Star” the prince of dreams. May you can help her?Home is important to Bangladesh girls so, don’t force them to go out except occasionally and when she proposing it To a girl from Bangladesh, home life is the cozy life, and her family are just as important to her as YOU are, you big hunky man. So don’t forget to suck up to her family.
Here are some hot Bangladeshi School girl photo captured in her home.Here we would like to share a traditional Bengali girl with you all . This seems to be some park there out in bengal . She has the sheer elegance of the Indian women .
Traditional salwar khameez has made her look real beautiful . Due to lack of hang out spots in india , girls really like to hang out in parks and stuff with their boy friends where the crowd is less and they get their privacy . Hope you liked her .The following photos are not going to hurt some one, because we verify that these hot desi girls allow some one to post these photos. Off-course these desi hot photos are from the collection not from one family, but we also verify that some of the girls are escort girls from India, specially yellow and green “shalwar kameez” girl is an Indian escort girl and having fun during sleep. She have very sexy and deep pose for boys, especially to attract young generation, most of the girls sleep so hot in the following desi photos.As every one known, Pakistani girls are modern, independent, beautiful and progressive.
Sania is cutest Pakistani girl, Innocent smile and sharp face telling us that she have some thing awesome.
She lives in Lahore and studying in one reputable institute.
We got her photo from her facebook profile, she have more than 5,0Today when I woke up, Sun was almost in the middle of sky, ohh OMG, So I was already late for the office, I opened my laptop, and checked the emails, I shocked, I saw an amazing photo from hot Bangladeshi girl. She was from Dhaka…She was looking for her life partner. She sent us these photos from Bangladesh. How easy to get relationship with Bengali girls? I studied her portfolio, I got it…. She was a lady doctor, Medical college and hospital trainee. She was looking for handsome but relevant to her medical field young boy. I though for doctors finding female doctors not so hard, Bengali female is waiting for young guys for friendship and then wants to have long life relationship.
Above photo is her photo in Dhaka Hospital, I think she forget to wrote her name in the email.
I think I don’t need to mention about loyalty of Bengali girls, Because every one known about Bangladeshi girls loyalty and their respect. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this Bangladeshi girl doctor from Dhaka.Hot Girl with Nawab Aslam Raisani in Islamabad Party
You might be shocked after looking at above photo, If you are Pakistani or Belong to Baluchistan / Quetta, Because above photo is a desi girl photo, oh no.. oh yes? This is the photo of Baluchistan chief minister “Nawab Aslam Khan Raisani” with her daughter. Both are sitting at one of the party in Islamabad.
Gixmi have got this photo from one of the fan page of Imran Khan (former PAK Cricket team captain) on facebook, and was shocked to see this picture of Aslam Raisani with hot girl. But our some of the readers inform us and then confirm us that this photo is his daughter’s photo and we should not interfere in his privacy.
Who publish this photo?, may be that person did not have permission to publish this photo on the facebook, but it’s clear that we should not blame directly to any one who is sitting with a hot girl and he is drunk or not. I read many of the threads around the internet related to Aslam raisani with girl, but we must say that she is her daughter and we are verifying it after all confirmations.
Aslam Raisani fans created a page against this photo and they want to remove this photo from facebook with the stupid title. Yes the publishing pic is not an issue, but showing the wrong concept is an issue.
The group against this photo is “Remove picture of Nawab Aslam Raisani and his DAUGHTER off Facebook“.
Thanks to all readers who point out us about this photo. We are waiting your thoughts on this issue.
Another pic we got from one of the facebook page. That clarify us she is his daughter with his wife.A typical girl from Pakistan is very exotic, thick black hair. Some girls like to keep their hair really natural, thick and wild everywhere and some like modern hair. Many have big noses, which are a sign of sensual vitality. LOL Most of them look like Bollywood actresses. There is no need to go to Bollywood to find a model or star. Any village has potential brides that look better than most Bollywood stars, really. All these ladies look good if they find their unique style. I believe every girl is a beautiful princess in Pakistan; you just have to be poet enough to see her beauty. Every Desi or Urdu or Paki girl is a beautiful flower waiting for her bee to find her to transform her life into sweet honey. Don’t forget to share your comments about society of Pakistani girls.Sixth most populated country in the world. With about 100 million Pakistani girls. That is a lot woman. You could spend a lifetime just looking for love in Pakistan. It is a paradise for men looking for women and potential brides. Karachi and Lahore are the best places to start looking because of the population and sheer number of beautiful women. But in the cities they are more western, so I do not know if this is good. Most Pakistani women are Muslim and are respectful to their family and their husbands. Society is hierarchical and traditional values rule, it is a patriarchal society. Multan, Faisalabad and Sahiwal are the small cities of the Pakistan where most of the girls are quite innocent and want to grow like big cities girls.0 friends, it looks like she is keen of friendship.
you can try with her to add her as a friend. Of-course she will add you because she loves to make friends.
Gixmi is always trying to find real desi girls for you to make the fun with more pleasure and entertainment.
We are trying to get Sania’s mobile number, and our some girls are in contact with her.There are numerous incidents in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where the girl lost her dignity and was raped or sexually abused and even filmed and it all started through the mobile phones.
It’s the responsibility of the parents and the teachers to keep a strict check on the girls about their usage of mobile phones and yes of-course their usage of Internet. Breaking in to steal the daughters and sisters was never easy as it is now. We must be on our toes to curb this social evil. Dhaka Girls College admins should think about installing mobile phone jammers in the vicinity of the girls colleges and schools to prevent any usage of mobile phone by the girls within college premises.Dhaka girls waiting for your call
Mobile Phone usage is a necessity, but still there is lots of discussion about its use in the colleges and the schools of Bangladesh. School girls in Dhaka also posses the mobile phone and its very easy for the evil people to get in touch with these young girls and to flirt them or have sex with Bengali girls. In Bangladesh (Dhaka and other cities) many of boys ask to each other about girls mobile numbers, dhaka girls mobiles numbers are most famous all around the groups of young and teen aged boys from colleges and universities. If you just Hit the search on the Internet you will found that most of the Bengali boys asking for the Mobile numbers of girls from Dhaka Bangladesh.
Here is the link where you can find the list of Bangladeshi girls mobile numbers..While Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, there is a great deal of diversity there, from the hand-painted rickshaws that dot the streets of Dhaka, to the longest beach in the world, seventy-five miles, in the southern-most part of Bangladesh at Chittagong, to the jungles which are still home to the Bengali tiger in the west, and the tea farms in the north, Bangladesh is the home to a friendly and hospitable people and a most interesting destination.
Summer Day in Bangladesh
Looking down to the ground to the sand beneath my feet, slowly meandering
strolling along
hot coals, on the Bengali beach;
sky reflects pools of water, liquid mirror,
dancers in the summer heat;
like an old song-
like an Indian drum beat,
liquid street-
calling gentle,
rolling, lapping waves;
little daughter,
skin little polished golden jade, friendly waves
greet the land,
outstretched rolling hands;
Little sunburnt boy-
skin dark and weathered tan, jumps up and down,
cool wet sand;
No one knows
so many people here, at the beach today; lining up
white foaming surf, Bangladesh, spring/summer waves
Cox’s Bazaar-
as you can possibly see with your naked eyes
Bangladesh sun orange,
like a burning summer fruit,
burning like smoldering fire
like a Chinese dragon’s last goodbyes;
Bengali girl
reaches down to pick up a shell with her tender hand
try to understand
the unfolding drama
in Bangladesh’s pulsing, throbbing river-land;
Music, with sincerity, passion, simplicity;
love like an innocent flower;
tragedy, fate, hate, hoping;
looking out over the ocean, Dhaka drama
never ending perpetual burning,
swirling motion;
Sylhet tea pickers-
end of the day, backs bent over,
dead tired;
Sun hot on the back sack-
of tea-charcoal black;
long days-
tired, hoping for rest, Bengali poetic chatter-
smiling, laughing, half-bearded faces;
waves drawing traces
in summer’s burning sand, Bangladesh calls,
summer’s plan gradually unfolds.
End of poem
This poem was written by John Scott, who teaches science in Newark, NJ. The poem can be found in the book Dawn of a New Discovery and Beyond the Horizon.This Photo is one of the beautiful young and teen age girl from Chittagong, Bangladesh. This Chittagong girl having nice dress and smiling with her sister front of the camera, Actually she is ready to go to attend marriage ceremony at her relatives.Don’t mess with this Bangladeshi girl in Saree. If you want to be a good friend of her via mobile phone, you must ask her mobile number via email.
So now you have her email address!!! lets contact her and get permission and mobile number to call her and make friendship for long time.
Note: we are looking for some guys who can help us to providing content related to Bangladeshi girls and some original photos of Bangladeshi school and college girls. We will post that content on Gixmi, and will added you as a contributor.India and Pakistan or Bangladesh these are countries who have their traditions and their own values like respect of girls and culture etc. But the time has been change and it directly impact on Indian cultures and their values. I don’t mean only India, all of Asian countries has been forgetting, their values and attitudes.
I am not saying you because of this hot Indian girl picture who pressing her cute friends boobs, I just want to remind the own values when each girl was able to having her self respect and boys was able to think her without look her. I know time is changes and of course we have to be broad minded but how much broad minded we are? forgetting own culture and values is making us broad mind?
The western and Chinese never forget their values and we can see they have great respect all around the world.
I was here with you for the fun and entertainment, sorry I become little emotional regarding own Indian values. Anyway Girls and Boys enjoy your self but don’t forget own country and culture. Every thing have his boundaries ever sex too. Think about it.
Happy and Enjoy to see Desi girls and waiting your feedback.Many days ago when I started to write on different desi girls blog, I realized that most of hot desi girls are belong to Punjab and majority of people likes south Punjab girls and their cultural dresses.
During that era I saw a beautiful girl photo from on one of desi girl website. But its was one photo only, that time I wish may I have more pics of this beautiful bahawalpuri girl. And I think that time was the time of acceptance from God.
That post name was the mobile number of bahawalpur girls.
Today I have this culture base southern punjabi girl from Bahawalpur photos. almost 4 pics.
She looks very cute and wants to have good friends, that we realized from her body language.Ajanta is a Bengali escort girl and having sex with lot of men from all around the Bangladesh. She said; she also have clients from other countries when they arrive at five star hotels, and she take money in $$. She deals direct to the customer for sex and fun. Ajanta is not happy with her profession but her society and poverty have not other ways for her to earn respect for her family.
She also likes to have boy friend from Bangladesh who take care her send her red flowers, she feels the smell of friendship very deeply. She is still looking for friend, but only honest and who can understand her problems well, She said, she want to leave this escorts profession completely, she needs some one special help in it.
She have her mobile numbers for dhaka clients, we don’t want to publish this escort girl mobile numbers, you have only way to contact her via email or comments.Bangladeshi girls are popular in all around the world regards to the innocence and loyalty. Today as usual I was just talking to my friend in Dubai, he told me his yesterday story with one Bengali girl in dubai who was trying to seduce him in his office. He works in public office and having routine work with lot of people. That girl was in his office since he came in the office at morning. Actually she was so young and hot girl so he was also interested to talk her. He thought she is traditional desi Bengali girl, but when she came to him and talk like a escort girl in Bengali language, he become so wounder. It was amazing moment for him to see a hot and young lady who trying to seduce him for sex in a Dubai hotel.
She told him that her name is Tania, called “Sana”. She is working as dance girl in a famous hotel of Dubai UAE. She provides all dancing fun to her clients to make them full satisfy.
That’s not only her dance jab but some thing hot for Arabic sheiks in specific amount of Dirhams.
You can contact her on her following UAE mobile numbers.
Mobile Number: 00971-553796860
or try this
Mobile Number: 00971-509181095
She looks very beautiful and hot, and always looking for sincere friendship in Dubai and around the UAE.
Lets have a fun and give your feedback.



Note: Above photos are taken from Google Images, and we are not responsible about their copyrights. These pics are not send by any one we have taken them from Google search results. If you have any objection on above photos, please contact us, we will remove them accordingly.

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