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>> Sunday, 16 October 2011

Durham is a very famous state in UK.Historically Durham Region has been known as a hub for the automotive industry in Ontario with its vast General Motors plant. A number of years back almost everyone living in the area was in one way or another employed by GM.GM is still one of the largest employers in the Durham region but it isn't the only draw for this thriving community.Durham has increased it's population in the last ten years exponentially. This influx of people has caused a boom in the Durham real estate industry as houses are being built, bought and resold at a rapid rate.What is the draw to this community?

Regardless of household income, there will be a home that suits your budget in Durham. An affordable market coupled with an expanding population ensures that homes will appreciate and provide an agreeable return on investment. Bigger lots, spacious homes, better amenities and safer communities are the benefits of buying in Durham when compared to buying a home of the same monetary value in Toronto

Major lakeshore urban communities contrast with a variety of small towns, villages, hamlets and farms in Durham Region. Waterfront areas boast beautiful, natural elements like the bluffs and wooded creeks.
Farms and prime recreational lakelands make up the northern region of Durham with the popular Kawarthas being a draw for tourism during the summer.

Major shopping centers with the latest in retail trends and grocery superstores provide residents with everything they need.Cancer patients living in the Durham region no longer have to travel to the city with the brand new, state of the art cancer treatment center in Oshawa. Hopsitals and walk-in clinics are scattered throughout the region ensuring that Durham residents are well taken care of in a timely manner.

As with any great endeavor a community needs a great vision. Residents of Durham have clarity for their future as their government has clarity in their vision for Durham.
"Durham will be a united group of vibrant and diverse communities recognized for their leadership, community spirit, and exceptional quality of life."It is clear to see why Durham real estate is doing so well. With so many great benefits to living in this diverse community you would be hard pressed to find a reason to avoid living here.



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