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>> Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nowadays everybody wants to move abroad so in this post we will give you Top 10 reasons to move abroad. It's about this time of year, as the dark, cold nights start to close in, that many Brits' thoughts start to turn to an alternative life in the sun, in Europe or beyond. Many people are involved in broken house sale chains and are looking to complete a house purchase abroad:

1. The weather - Pretty obvious this one. The average summer temperature in Southern Spain is 25 degrees C, compared to 15 degrees for the UK. Balmy summer nights with cool drinks on the veranda are a big pull factor for people looking to move abroad.
2. The food - dodgy kebabs, brown sauce, greasy fry ups - while some Brits love traditional British fare, others yearn for a diet of fresh fish, olive oil and Mediterranean vegetables which makes places like Italy among the healthiest places to live in Europe. 

3. The culture - The art galleries, churches and café culture of Paris have proved irresistible for many "Rosbifs" looking to find a new life abroad. Many look for somewhere close enough that they can get the chunnel to visit relatives in the U.K.
4. The standard of living - Places like Switzerland are becoming increasingly attractive to Brits - being the richest country in the world, it is a haven for those looking for excellent healthcare, education and transport. 

5. The people - People regularly contrast the outgoing and friendly nature of Americans with the cold, reserved character that many Brits exhibit, and cite it as a reason for moving stateside.
6. The scenery - From the lush fields of Holland to the rugged coastline of Greece, continental Europe has some remarkable scenery not found in the UK.
7. The lower property prices - Many Brits are looking to Eastern Europe as a place to invest in property and move permanently. In Bulgaria you can pick up a habitable property from as little as £20k. Compare this with the average UK house price of £200k 

8. The lower crime levels - Many countries around the world are perceived as being safer than the UK. This is backed up by facts in some cases - In Japan, the murder rate is a quarter of that in the UK. Many expat Brits have found places like Japan to be a safe haven away from the dangerous streets of places like London or Liverpool. 

9. To have a fresh start - Everyone needs a fresh start once in a while; moving abroad allows you to do just that.
10. To meet new people - Moving abroad allows you to meet new friends, colleagues, neighbours which can greatly enrich your life.



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