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>> Monday, 17 October 2011

Voice broadcasting is very important.Voice Broadcasting is a mass media communication by which we can convey information such as a telephone message to number of population at the same time by using some telephonic components. Voice broadcasting was introduced in 1990. Users of this Voice Broadcasting may be a member, an employee, customers and even government authorities. It is referred as reverse 911 when it is used by government authorities for an emergency purpose. It has a system which can manage digital recorded phone messages and the collection of phone lists.

Voice Broadcasting has a great feature, in which we can integrate text-to-speech software to include some personnel information in the phone messages. It also has some special features such as to leave some message for answering machines, key press feature like 1 for to subscribe, 2 for to reach you etc, to record the user message in web interface, to upload wav file, supporting various field names, web based reporting and ability to download results of the customers call to Microsoft excel document for future analysis.

Voice Broadcasting companies offer political campaign calls, automated dialing, predictive dialing and international dialing services. Among these services political campaign calls must be scripted and delivered carefully. Automated dialing is also known as robo calling and it is used to convey information to a number of people in a limited amount of time. As the name implies, the international dialing services offer the customers to make a call internationally across the globe quickly and easily.

Many companies in the world are offering broadcasting programs. Voiceshot is one of the user friendly application which offer call centre services. Any business man can afford this service to run the business successfully. Downloading, recording, saving calls and messages are some of the main features in video broadcasting. Most companies will give introductory offer of certain number of phone calls for free. To avail this offer, the company will request the customer to fill the online application form that asks for some basic and common details to submit. 

Some free trail versions is also available and we can make use of it to know about the operation before purchasing to get some knowledge on it.
Robo calls and voice broadcasting are the ways of communication to build up a reporting service that is used mainly for business purpose. In USA, many politicians are using robo call services. By this way, many people in the world take advantage of using broadcasting dialers. 

Naturally everyone needs to hear the live voice and not the voice answer or pre-recorded voice message by the machine. The voice broadcasting dealers detect whether the particular voice is live or not.
Hence voice broadcasting is the excellent tool for home based business; direct sales business and network marketing business.



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