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Images of beautiful indian girls

>> Sunday, 9 October 2011

We have already posted posts devoted to NRI. Some are really excellent and very spicy and hot photo collection. When Indian travel aboard for vacation or honeymoon, they enjoy a lot. And the kind of dress they wear is something that can’t be worn here in India. There are taboo in India on a housewife wearing a bikini. But when they travel to foreign shores, they wear all type of skimpy fashionable dresses.There is silent rivalry between Pakistani and Indian fashion industry. Anyhow, every body has its own taste in girls, some like simple and some like modern. Mostly modern can be found in big cities and mostly simple Girls can be found in Small cities. Villages or towns.These girls photos are collected by our special reader, who specially wrote us in her email, Most of the Pakistani people and Indian desi girls looking for friendship, so i try to put all those girls photos who studying in the colleges and universities.
All are beautiful girls with attractive faces, you must be happy to share comments below for these beauties.In last few days, i was surfing on Google, i saw surprised video from Bangladeshi lovely couple, they had hot kissing. i would like to share with you, and awaiting for your comments.Aleena is studying in Govt Emerson College Bosan Road Multan. She gave her number to Computer department.
Aleena Shaikh: Mob # 0300-7076117
Aleena’s Sister Huma Shaikh No: Mob # 0315-4412481
Another beauty queen “Kiran Jamal” is doing job in Allied Bank Multan. She is daughter of Major in Army, but she like to make friends. And insist to call her.
Kiran Mobile No# 0333-7513220We are sure that you havn’t seen most of these photos before. These photos are taken from NET. Here are just for little fun. Please don’t pass any dirty or nasty comments. Have fun and comment nicely and decently.Neither these are actress nor some models etc. These pictures are of pure desi homely Aunties and Girls also they are not properly dressed up even but they seems to much more beautiful and sexy then any model or an actresses.India is very rich in culture and its traditions. Indian culture is so powerful that even people living in Europe and America also try to copy Indian style. The Style of Indian Girls is copied by Europeans, Americans and other progressed regions. Indian Culture, Traditions and Norms are so colorful and specially reflected in the Indian Girls. Traditional Events like Dewali and Holi and involvement of Hot Indian Girls in the calibrations of these festivals makes the Indian culture full of life. on top of all Indian Girls are very much famous for their professionalism.Saima from karachi went to visit her best friend Fareeha, who is working abroad. Both friends have met after so many years and enjoying their holidays. Summer is the best time to visit friends living abroad as the weather is awesome in this part of the year. People from other parts of the world plan to visit their relatives, friends, enjoy the weather and different beautiful places. Saima who is working as a software engineer in Karachi, told us that this year she decided to visit her childhood friend as they were apart from many years, she also wanted to have some relief from her tough work routine. Girls are also making plan to go to the beach and have some seaside fun. Saima is doing lots of shopping for her family and herself.



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