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>> Friday, 7 October 2011

Nazmin Qamar is basically from Islamabad, Pakistan. Currently she has nationality of Denmark. She is living in Denmark with her parents since last 10 years. Nazmin tells that her father does the job in a software house in Denmark. Nazmin is crazy about gardening. She is a very good garden designer. She wants to share some tips on gardening with our readers. Nazmins tells that first of all check the site where the plant is at. If it is well-lighted, well moisture, and if the soil fits the plants preference for growing. Check also if it receives enough air. Allow gaps in your plants for a proper air circulation. Clean your garden always. Check plants for black spots and pruning. Remove it in your garden right away to avoid spreading of diseases and problems.
Nazmin more tells that lighting is very important for your plants so study your yard or garden area throughout the day to figure out how much sun it really gets and be sure to place your plants where they will have the best chance of thriving. Secondly you want to be sure that plants get enough water so that the soil is not hard and dry, but you never want to have standing water around your plant. The last thing she explains is soil. Nazmin advices that be sure to use a rich soil that is fortified with fertilizer appropriate for what you are planting. You want your soil to be a bit loose so the roots can easily spread and grow.This is second photo of Kalpana from Bangalore. As you know from previous post that Kalpana is an outsource consultant in an Indian software development company.
After reading very nice and encoruging comments from our wonderful readers, Kalpana has sent this photo as a thank you to all you who liked her.
Kalpana has told a little more about herself in this email. Kalpana says, she is a family girl who like to live a fun live, she is jolly. Kalpana has a cute cat and she loves her cat.
Kalpana says that Bangalore is a very good place to live. Its a garden city. The thought of the “Garden City”, Bangalore, conjures up images of serene beauty, picturesque locations coupled with modern conveniences and comforts. The city of Bangalore has been one that has charmed millions with its elegance, beauty and style. Bangalore has evolved in the many years to one with several aspects. The beautiful green gardens and well maintained parks lend pleasant beauty to Bangalore. It has earned the title of ‘Garden City’ while the latest IT and software developments have earned it the title of the ‘Silicon Valley’. From being a destination in the lap of nature to being the commercial and technology hub of India, Bangalore occupies a unique place in the tourism map of the country.
Kalpana says her life is so good in garden city Bangalore working as a business process outsource consultant. She want to make more friends, more friends means more joy and happiness on gixmi.Do you remember that pretty face? No! But I do and believe most of Gixmi old readers also remember. Its Samina Pervaiz, once living in Faisalabad, Pakistan. She got married and settled with her husband in Edinburgh, Scotland. This photo of her is taken at one of the wedding ceremonies of a relative at an Edinburgh hotel. Probably her emotion triggered by our last post about fans from Edinbrugh and she sent this photo & I was surprised.
Samina living a peaceful life, so calm and cool. As the summer days draw to a close, the russet autumn colors breathe new life into Edinburgh & Lothians with the backdrop and amber golds of Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden, the bracing beach walks along Edinburgh’s coast and countryside, the invigorating autumn air of the Pentland Hills and country parks like Beecraigs near Linlithgow.
Samina is living in New town Edinburgh. The New Town was an 18th century solution to the problem of an increasingly crowded Old Town. The city had remained incredibly compact, confined to the ridge running down from the castle.
Samina want to know how much she has changed in 1 year, 1 year of her marriage. Looking forward to read your comments.eeta is from Mumbai, Geeta visited Thailand more then thrice. This photo is taken at her first tour to Thailand. She loves life there, beautiful resorts with so much peace. Thailand – the perfect blend of inimitable views, stunning climate, pristine sandy beaches, excellent cuisine, lush dense and incredible foliage, and rare flora and fauna, has gradually evolved as a popular tourist destination over the years. Subsequently, there is also a considerable rise in the number of luxury villas across the length and breadth of Thailand. These villas have successfully become the best available alternative to any hotel or resort accommodation, since they generally offer facilities of exceptional quality.
If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’ll find plenty of it in Thailand. That is the big attraction here. Small Islands are the ideal place to chill out, meditate, detox and to do some serious reading. Scattered around the islands, there are number of small resorts and bungalow rentals including the absolutely delightful. They essentially consist of a resort’s superior room inventory.
Geeta would like to meet people those have same interests and want to share their traveling experience.Huma Khan’s passion is organic gardening and specially flowers. In her Texas house she have a huge garden basically from Faislabad. Huma got married to her doctor husband few years back & left for USA. Huma graduated from Agriculture University Faislabad.
Organic gardening is a simple way to ensure that you are growing the highest-quality produce in a sustainable way that is healthy for the plants and the planet. It is one of the oldest methods of cultivation, and the food it will produce is not only healthier for you it’s less expensive to. You may find that it might become the most rewarding hobby, or lifestyle, you have ever undertaken. Organic gardening is a simple healthful way to convert living organisms into carbon compounds in a way that considers the whole of nature and its integral place in that scheme.
Organic gardening uses natural compost and manure to fertilize and grow plants and flowers. Since you will be using natural compost no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used on your plants. Some gardeners are willing to invest in some extras required by organic gardening because it ensures that no harmful pesticides or fungicides will be used. By growing a garden without chemical fertilizers, you will naturally build the soil to support healthy plant life. Chemical fertilizers and additives will, over time, damage the soil’s ability to provide what plants need to resist disease, insect attacks, and stress.
Huma has promised us to send more of her photos but she want to read some positive comments about her. So guys if you want to see more photos of Huma Khan you must provide positive feedback.Tabassom Zari is beautiful Iranian girl currently settled in New Zealand. Tabassom tells that she was settled in New Zealand five years ago with her complete family. After the completion of her post graduation Tabassom start her profession as a travel guide. And today she is going to tell about New Zealand. Tabassom says that New Zealand is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination during the northern hemisphere winter so the summers in New Zealand are becoming more populated. If you really want to stay anywhere, when ever you want you will find 1st May until the end of September quiet, with great deals for accommodation, vehicles, and activities. The middle of this period is New Zealand’s winter with the ski areas around New Zealand open for business.
Tabassom more tells New Zealand is a geographically breathtaking country with glacier carved mountains, lakes, beaches, thermal springs, sub tropical pools etc., and where you can enjoy everything from skiing to surfing, from fishing to mountain climbing.Well reads, today we are going to publish another photo of Gulnaz Awais a beautiful college student from Tabriz (see her old photo here). Gulnaz tells that I was not expecting that I would find too early some online friends. Yes friendship is about bonding. It is about reciprocating the care you receive from a person and at the same time respecting the other persons view. A friend does not judge you by wealth or position, he or she is there with you during your bad times. He is like the pillar of strength you can rely on and also share your apprehensions about the various aspects in life. Friendship blossoms each day and one must make time to strengthen the bond. I always try to keep my friends happy and smiling. So, please don’t hesitate to become my best friend.Azin Banu is basically from Kerman, Iran. but last year her family was settled in Chicago permanently. She says that when they shifted she particularly asked her father to brought carpets from Iran because Iranian Carpets are hand made, beautifully designed, and an important part of the Iranian culture. Many Iranians make their livelihood creating these works of art. As more and more of the world recognizes the quality and beauty of these Iranian carpets the demand grows. In fact demand has grown so much that these carpets (rugs) are now being produced in area that were not known for weaving in the past.
Azin more says that anyone who has ever seen a Iranian Carpet will agree when I say a Iranian Carpet is not just a rug but rather a magnificent work of art with a mix of wonderful hues and patterns. After all this skill has been perfected over 2500 years so who would expect anything less. During ancient times the Iranians were one of the first carpet weavers. Throughout the centuries they have used ingenuity combined with talent to design a carpet that stands out above the rest. If there was an award for excellence in carpets the Iranian Carpets would win hands down.Dear friends Mahrukh Hassan is one of our most beautiful friends from Esfahan. Mahrukh is student of 4th year. Her aim is to do masters in computer sciences. Mahrukh tells that after the completion of her studies, she would like to do something for her beloved country. Mahrukh spends most of her time using internet after the study sessions of college. She tells that she felt very happy when she visited our blog first time and instantly she decided to send her photo through our contact form to share it with our readers.
Mahrukh more tells she haven’t any friends online hitherto, but now she is thinking seriously about online friendship and would like to make friendship with only those persons, which will assure her their sincerity. Well friends if you are looking for friends like Mahrukh then prove yourself as a sincere man and enjoy…:)These numbers are collected from Internet:
All numbers are Bangladeshi school and college girls, also House wife aunty.
Shaila Eamen(fb id)+8801671839171
Toma Khulna—- 01918377062, 01710-850562, 01918-788411
(Pream korar kotha bolla hoba na valo friendship korta hoba tarpor ja khusi korta paro no problem)
01923351003 disah
01913147784 ——- Eva 01922315265
Tumpa (inter) 01722894178
Sonia : wants taka.01197211136…
Tamanna (VNS) 01913005566
Anika 01724858673
shopna (inter) 01911171296 ( shobar logeiii kotha koy )
Nipa* 01716705840 ( ugro mijaj)
Mou* 01925978841 ( eidaroo ugro mijaj)
Labonno Prova 01926197167 (aunty)
ononna : (khati mal) 01922315265 (collected by member)
Odora : (norom body ) 01914044611
Mishu : kijee chai nejeyoo bhuji na..bal 01923471605
popi  voice ta bhaloii ) 01915692533
Nabila:(class10) 01914365030 (chetano nished)
sonia: (mised kol diben khali)01712114572
nam jani na but kothay ostad 01926197167
new aunty: 01918398945
Wants something :01671048068
sanjida : (kol dhorte 1 tu deri kore.karon gan set korse to honay)01914777523
Chandana:prothom 1tu rag dekhabee: 01737195125
Meye r Dalal Suplie dei:01723604510
sonia:only phone sex kore:01929691736



Note: Above photos are taken from Google Images, and we are not responsible about their copyrights. These pics are not send by any one we have taken them from Google search results. If you have any objection on above photos, please contact us, we will remove them accordingly.

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