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>> Monday, 17 October 2011

France is very famous for its real estate.Île-de-France is one of the 26 regions in France and home to the Capital, Paris. The area has a population of around 11 million and with many apartments in the French capital it probably means that there are over 4 million properties coming onto the French property market in Île-de-France at one time or another

As well as Paris, property in Île-de-France can also be found in the other 7 departments of the region - Essone, Haute-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Seine-et-Marne, Val-d'Oise and Yvelines. These other departments circle the city in urban 'rings'. Therefore, properties in Île-de-France are in more concentrated areas than other regions of France with many more per square footage.

Excellent train links, roads and air transport have meant that Île-de-France has been able to thrive with its' many types of industry. With this Île-de-France has been able to thrive and the region has always been a magnet for immigration and with immigration comes an increase in building.

Properties in Île-de-France are always on the increase as the population grows. It is estimated that in 2005 that immigrants made up approx 16.7% of the population of this region. In property terms that would probably mean a big turnover in the property market of Île-de-France. Property in Paris itself doesn't increase because of building restrictions but the suburbs just keep growing.

Everyone knows that Paris is the city of art and romance with its' Eiffel tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre, so, as well as the draw of population to the area for industry, there is also the draw of tourists. Another reason why Property in Île-de-France is so popular.

As we've mentioned, with the transport links into Paris and the region of Île-de-France, properties to rent or buy come more in the form of apartments than the gites and country houses of the other regions of France.
So, if you want the buzz of bright lights then an apartment within a beautiful Parisian styled building may be the answer to your French property dream. Properties in Île-de-France can be found all over the web whether you want to buy or rent, the choice is endless.



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