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>> Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mexico is very famous for its tourist spots and also for its real estate.Cascadas de Manzanillo has teamed up with the world renowned architect firm Gomez Vazquez Aldana & Associates to bring you a unique master planned community in the small city of Manzanillo, Mexico. Gomez Vazquez Aldana & Associates have built some of Mexico's and Latin Americas finest resorts, marinas, and communities. Cascadas de Manzanillo gives the architects the chance to bring a first class community to the small town of Manzanillo. 

The geography of Manzanillo gives GVA the opportunity to create extraordinary views of Santiago Bay. GVA's alliance with Peridian International, one of the leading firms in landscape architecture, allows GVA to create isolated palaces in the hills of Manzanillo. Cascadas de Manzanillo was designed to accommodate the all types of residents, and by utilizing the services that GVA brings to the area, Cascadas looks to distance itself from the competition.

Based out of Guadalajara GVA has real estate developments all around Mexico. GVA has designed the Ritz-Carlton and the Marriott Casamagna in Cancun. By utilizing the geography in Mexico, GVA looks to harmonize their architecture into the geography resulting in a first class facility that is supplemented with beautiful terrain. GVA is committed to protecting the serenity of Mexico's geography, and by reaching their stated goal for each project GVA architecture will succeed functionally, technologically, economically, socially, aesthetically, and ecologically. This is GVA's commitment to each project, and this is their commitment to Cascadas de Manzanillo.

Cascadas de Manzanillo's landscape will be planned and designed by Peridian International, a successful landscaping design and planning firm from Newport Beach, California. Peridian International is an award winning firm, and has designed the landscaping for some of the United States' most luxurious resorts and neighborhoods.Cascadas de Manzanillo offers Peridian the opportunity to use Mexico's natural wildlife along with their expert knowledge to design unique scenic views from each home.
Mexico's climate allows Peridian to expand their design further by offering native species of botanical wildlife that are unique to Mexico and unique to the Manzanillo region.Cascadas de Manzanillo will construct oceanside houses that span over five miles of Mexico beach. GVA and Peridian will have the opportunity to incorporate this first class amenity into their design offering the homeowners a one of a kind home right on the beach.

Cascadas de Manzanillo has contracted two of the most successful firms in the region to plan and design the first class master community that they are building. Combining these two experts allows Cascadas de Manzanillo to guarantee that each resident will have world class views and amenities from their backyard.



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