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Indian Girls Colleges Seasons

>> Wednesday, 2 November 2011

College life is so stressful, it’s most important to become comfortable then to be a stylish girl. Due to the burden of the studies it is quite impossible to become a stylish girl. You can become a bright student or a stylish one. But nothing is impossible in this world you can manage both your studies and your personal life. If you are from those people that enjoy there work and life then it’s quite better.
We can help you out with the following things.
During the studies of the college there comes many seasons like the season of, addmition (early days of college), papers season, holidays season (Public holidays, government holidays, religious holidays, summer or winter holidays.) and there is also a season that is most important for a college girl that is the season of functions. This is the time when every girl wants to be unique and important among the others. During there college life girls did not use to wear jewelry. No heavy makeup is used except the days of functions. The only thing is important is the clothing.

Some colleges have there uniform that is necessary to wear for every student, if you are in a such college then problem is solved at some extent, because during the study days u should wear the uniform and you have no need of the so many clothes.
If your college is not from those colleges in which it is not necessary to wear the uniform then we help you out to solve this problem.
During the normal study days (the longest period of the college days) you should have to wear simple and comfortable clothes. Simple is the best. Among the girls it’s a common thing that they wants that they did not wear the same clothes again and again, it’s a bad thanking. You girls should see your parent’s economic conditions.
During the holidays it’s more comfortable that you have no need to weary about you dressing.
Paper season is the most tens and painful season of the college life. During this season every girl forgets ever thing and just thing about her studies. Now she has no tension for her dressing.

The most important season of the college life is the season of the functions. This is the shortest period of the college life, because it’s said that pleasure is short lived. Now every girl tries to wear the new and fashion able clothes and I thing that now she has to right to do so. Many girls buy new clothes and some other girls, for this occasion they have one or more dresses that they had saved for such occasion. At this occasion the makeup and jewelry also used. It is now the time for you girls now you can do every thing about your clothes, makeup, fashion, jewelry, shoes and every thing that you think made you unique.



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