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>> Wednesday, 14 December 2011

As we all know that the Mexico Tourism is Just Booming around the world. So now we will tell you something about Tourism In Mexico. According to the data gathered few years ago, Mexico was ranked 8th among the countries with the highest number of international visitors, and indeed tourism is an important source of income for the country.

The activities connected to tourism produce in Mexico 8% of total GDP, providing employment to almost 2 million people. Many tourists coming from both the Old Continent and any other part of the world decide to spend their holidays in Mexico, renting a house in Cancun or in other cities

An evidence of the importance of tourism for Mexican economy is also given by the large promotion carried out abroad: the Mexican Tourism Promotion Agency has its offices in many European cities (Madrid, London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt), in the States (Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago), in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal), in South America (Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago), in Tokyo and Beijing.

All these "appendixes" are meant to promote Mexico as a travel destination, encouraging foreign visitors to discover the landscapes, the culture, the habits and the typical products of this wonderful land, even the ones that are still hidden and are not well-known yet. To do that the Mexican Tourism Promotion Agency organizes specific information and promotional campaigns as well as events (like the big Aztec exhibition that was organized few years ago in Rome) that can attract the attention of foreign tourists to all that concerns Mexico.

But what are the most popular Mexican travel destinations? Many tourists decide to stay in a hotel in Puerto Aventuras, for example, on the Mayan Riviera, the ideal place if you are looking for clear sea and white and fine sand. Other strengths of Puerto Aventuras are its tropical colours, the possibility it gives you to do various sports, from water skiing to windsurfing, from sailing to jet skiing, not to mention golf, and to interact with dolphins, sea lions and other marine mammals.

Another notably appreciated destination is Tulum, which is well-known also for its Maya ruins: Tulum is one of the Mexican coastal areas where the ruins of the Mayas are best preserved, and for this reason it is very appreciated not only by those who are looking for sea and sun, but also by those who wish to discover the history and culture of those places

However, sun and sea are certainly not missing in Tulum, and if you decide to rent a house in Tulum you will definitely immerse yourself in a real earthly paradise, in one of those postcard images that everybody would like to see with their own eyes sooner or later, to leave the chaos of the city and the daily routine behind, and to enjoy a really dreamy holiday



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