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Udyati ACCA from UK

>> Saturday, 4 February 2012

Udyati is an Indian babe member from UK. She is student of ACCA in UK and wants to share her experience with friends. She says the UK government considers the ACCA Parts 1 and 2 to be equivalent to a UK Bachelors Degree. Full ACCA (Parts 1, 2 and 3) will be considered equivalent to a UK Master’s degree.
Udyati pass out some of helpful lines that if you are having financial problems, the cheapest & fastest route is always taking ACCA, provided you don’t fail too many papers. If you are confident that you can cope & do well, you can take the maximum 4 papers each sitting & within 2 years you can become an ACCA affiliate. Whereas a degree takes a minimum of 3 years, the accounting degree in MMU takes 4 yrs if I am not mistaken. Hence, if time & money is a constraint, ACCA is the best choice. But on the other hand, taking a degree has its benefits. You can experience college life (unless you take ACCA in Sunway which I doubt it because it’s very expensive), even when you sleep (unless you are staying at home) I am a believer that if you have the money, you should experience life at least once in your life. It makes a lot of memories for you to look back when you are older.
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