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>> Monday, 21 February 2011

Money factor in dating

when it comes to date with an india girl then money factor is also very important.No i am not saying that indian girls loves money thats not right but theer is a normal reasion.

Like if you talk to go a girl on a bike who has a costely car she will be thinking you are not of her level and will reject you in first meet.Agreed?

Actually first imperession is not the last impression but it is very important when it is related to a girl.They deside about some guy very fastely may be in first few seconds.Actually its not much difficult to impress a girl but it is more easy to make a negitive view.

Just imagin that you smoke some place and a girl has been seen you then if will go to purpose that girl anytime she wil say no because she has your image as a smoker in her mind.

Thats why it is better that you make yourself a good and getnel boy so you dont need to be alert all the time.

I have read on some sites which says that girls likes bad boys they are about dating in america but were saying that it works in all over the world.

Sone pints were not wrong in them but not all was right.Just like when they says that girls like boys who are good looking,smart ,talks cheeky etc then they are not wrong but there is nothing like bad boys in it.

Actually most of the girls have a image of her man that he will be tall,handsome,smart,good looking ,would be have a great dresing sence ,will come on a white horse etc.

Did you gave attention when i says "will come on a white horse" means he will be rich am i right.

Girls give importance to fincial condition just like a girl is earning 10000 Rs, per month then she will like only the guy who earns 15-20000 per month.

You cant show your pay slip to all the girls you meet or you cant paste it on head.

Then how to tell a girl that you are in a good finicial situation ?

Listion anybody can guess it by your bike or car or from your dresses so girls also.

I am not saying that you just try on the girl who earn less then you but i am saying that if you are not too rich then also you need to show her in start till when you both become friends.Got it?

You can use friends bike etc for that its not wrong because you can tell her the



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