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>> Monday, 21 February 2011

preparation before talking with a girl you like

When it comes to date with Indian girls then its different about dating with other countries girls.

I don't know about girls from America or other countries but i know much about Indian girls because i am also an Indian girl and have many friends which have different interests that's why i am going to solve problems of guys they have in dating with girls.

When it comes to dating with Indian girls no global rule works on it. it not same like dating with American girls because Indian cultural is different and also Indian girls.

If you like some girl and want to talk with her first of all you need to give attention on your looks.

Ya it is really very important it doesn't need you look like john Abraham but you should be well dressed.not like sleep or too much bold type.90 percent of Indian girls a men who is well dressed and have a cool hairstyle that doesn't mean a as much different hairstyle no one have seen it means a hairstyle that suits your face.

this is the first step.Now second step-that is different for the girls depending on her family's financially situation,her education and on her friend circle.

That is related to money.If the girl you like is a middle class girl then she will surly like if you are from a more rich family then her.If she is an school going girl or in start of collage then its fine if you are not a earning person but if she has done her graduates or doing job etc then its really important for her that you should be earning good then her.

Actually you may be thinking that does all girls loves a man only if he is rich?

And if so then how some of your friends and known persons who are not rich have girlfriends?

Let me describe it to you.Actually girls don't care of money or other things when they are in love with someone but you are at a different stage right now,you love or like the girl not she is in love with you.Remember that you will understand easily.

got it now?Actually when you first meet and talk with a girl you are a unknown person to her and not a special one that's why she would like to be your friend only and only if you have something inside you that can be anything like your looks,smartness,money or also may be your knowledge.

You will need that to show her in starting if you will not show then you can get friend of her.Remember that first impression is not everything but its really very important.



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