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>> Sunday, 13 March 2011

To be successful in any enterprise you need to know the jargon and, believe me, HubPages is no exception. So sit back and allow me to take you on a lightning tour of the language and culture of HubPages and the key words or HubWords every hubber should know.

With the knowledge in this article you can quickly make large amounts of money online and become totally accepted by the HubPages elite just as if you have been here for years.

Let’s begin with the official words that most of you are already familiar with:

Hub: A nown associated with an article published on HubPages. This is a similar concept to a Lens on Squidoo.

Hubber: A member of the hubpages community and in all probability a writer of Hubs. Note: some self-opinionated hubbers actually make pronouncements about hubbing long before publishing their first hub. Incidentally their first hub seldom lives up to the pre-publication hype!

A tasteful Hubottie or Hubabe! You'll find plenty of these on HubPages!

Girly Picture Galleries

Hubbing: Activity of being a Hubber (like gardening).

Hubbery: Everything associated with the activity of hubbing (like shrubbery)

Many of you complain about the endless girly picture galleries here (and I bet quite a few of you secretly ‘read’ them (OK look at and/or drool over the pictures). The subject of these pictures, be they Hot Indian Aunties or Brazillian bikini-clad beauties, are collectively known as Hubotties or HuBabes.

Maddie Rudd, who gently but firmly polices our forums here, is know as the HubMistress. This is derived from the English Head Mistress; a senior woman teacher who runs an old-fashioned British school and traditionally instills discipline using the cane.

Maddie's punishments include deleting inappropriate comments, closing unsuitable threads or snipping promotional links from the forums but unfortunately not the application of the cane (who said that last bit?).

Anyway, hubs containing material likely to need attention from Maddie are known as RuddHubs.

A HubPages Hammer - Watch them spam the forums and Hub Comments!

If you haven't already, then JOIN HUBPAGES right away!

Remember, HubPages membership is totally FREE - So get writing, make friends around the world (and if you want) make some Money!

Hubris and HubSense

What about HubSense? This is the collective wisdom relating to both HubPages earning and making money from Adsense.

A really successful and respected hubber (for example Darkside) might be awarded a Hubcap (like the cap awarded to successful sports stars).

HubPages has its share of spammers who shamelessly use their hubs to promote their businesses or even their own websites. On hubpages they are known as Hammers

Hubris is a real word meaning overbearing pride and supreme arrogance. HubPages has more than its share of Hubris. You’ve probably come across these people who, within 3 days of signing up, are explaining what we have been doing wrong for the last few years and announcing grand projects and experiments to revolutionise hubbing.

Hubris, In the context of hubpages, means pride and arrogance about all things connected with hubbery and hubbing!

A HubPages Hubby?

Hubbits, Hubbles, Huballs and Hubbies

Hubball: Hubbers often develop friendships with fellow hubbers (or HubMates) and meet up for a party on the forums or a chat room. This event is known as a Hubball (ie Hubbers having a ball!).

Hubby: Has 2 meanings. It is an affectionate term for a girl hubber’s spouse. It is also another word for a HubMate (Hubber’s Buddy)

Another ‘feature’ of HubPages is big fallings out on the forums when people typically leave or delete all their hubs in a fit of rage. This is know as a Hubble (not to be confused with space telescopes) and comes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth; “Hubble, Bubble Toil and Trouble”.

Then there are HubNuggets: Fast food consumed while writing an extra long Hub and Hublove: What a Hubber does to her Hubbie or simply loving all things to do with hubPages.

HubPages - On Publishing HubScore Falls - HubsideDown


When you create a hub it resides in a kind of 'no mans land' where the search engines can't see it. However, when you publish it, it goes Hubside meaning it is part of hubpages site and can be found via search engines such as Google.

At this point many complain that the hubscore actually falls. This causes great anguish, wailing and gnashing of teeth in the forums. This phenomena is known as HubsideDown (ie when the Hub goes Hubside and its score goes Down).

HubPages: Is this Hubottie Hubbit Free?

Hubbits not to be confused with Hobbits

Finally the Hubbits. No its not a small character from Lord of the Rings.

As all righteous hubbers know, AdSense do not tolerate nipples or any other intimate bits of the human anatomy, on hubs or anywhere else, bearing their advertising.

HubPages staff therefore have the unenviable task of sifting through the endless picture galleries seeking out intimate bits or Hubbits not covered by saris, bikinis, bras or skimpy black dresses.

Anyway, that’s quite enough to be going on with. So why not post your own HubWords in the comment section at the end of this Hub?

If you want to make significant money online at HubPages then remember the following. Never publish Hubbits, avoid Hubble and Hubris. Continue to extend your knowledge of Hubbery, grow in Hubsense and one day you’ll receive your reward; a $100 a day from AdSense plus a HubCap!



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