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>> Sunday, 13 March 2011

I wrote a hub or five about breast augmentation a wee while back, and whilst it was typically light hearted, it went to the point that the amount of women getting boob jobs these days represents an incredibly sad phenomenon.

To risk life and limb in order to be a little more busty or a little more perky simply seems ludicrous to me. A woman commented on one of these articles saying that I might feel that way now, but in a few years, when things started to sag, why then I would most certainly be in line at Dr.FunnyPants' Hack and Slash Clinic of Looking Good.

I found this opinion presumptive to say the least, but it got me thinking. When is a boob job justified. When should someone allow a surgeon to put them under general anaesthetic and stuff their chest with silicone?

Well in the case of men who want to be women, there might be a valid case for it. After all, the boob job makes the once was man look and feel more feminine. But therein lies a dilemma. How can I claim in one moment that women should not get boob jobs in order to feel better about themselves, but men should?

Obviously this causes some not inconsiderable cognitive dissonance and brings what might be the true nature of plastic surgery to light. In all cases, a boob job could be considered to be transforming the person, changing them to make what they look like on the outside reflect how they feel on the inside. In the case of men having boob jobs to look like women, this makes perfect sense. Dan wants to be a woman, so he has a boob job to feel more womanly.

A woman having a boob job, therefore has it also to feel more womanly? Are her double X chromosomes not enough? She is feminine down to the cellular level and yet the lack of bounce on her chest makes her feel less than other women. Even if this was so, why would it matter? The only reason that comes to mind is that heterosexual males show strong preferences towards women with larger breasts. In the pictographically (I made up a word!) charged parts of their primitive minds, (I'm referring to the part of the brain which is primitive, not saying all men are primitive, that would be awfully controversial,) bigger boobs equal a better mommy. A woman getting a boob job is trying simply to attract a higher caliber of mate than she ordinarily would be able to snare, thereby increasing her chances of throwing her DNA forward into the future in a pretty package. Except, of course, her DNA didn't get a boob job, so chances are the kiddies will have to deal with the horror of being a B or C cup themselves. Oh the humanity!

The point? Oh yes. One could therefore argue, that all boob jobs, whether performed on men or women, are in fact, boob jobs for men.

They're still stupid though.



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