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>> Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The first thing that drew me to that show was the desire to figure out where I recognized that girl from...
She acted in the first season of the 2005 adaptation of the Dr. Who series on BBC. I love that show.
Anyway, this show is kind of like Sex and the City, except the city is London. So, all you people who are looking for something to fix your Sex and the Citynostalgia now that the show is over, I would recommend this.
She's like a cross between Carey and Samantha, except she gets paid to be a ho! =)
You know what's funny? A friend of mine in college tried to get me hooked on the L word after Sex and the Cityended, cuz she was also a SATC fan. She was like "It's just like SATC".
I watched it and it was nothing like Sex and the City...It's about lesbians!...I later found out that my friend was a lesbian.
She's Indian (from India), so I never suspected it. *shrug*
Anyway, I'm not secretly a "lady of the night", but I think it's a good show. It gives you a different perspective. It's similar to Sex and the City in a way. It makes for a good "baptism" for people who are na├»ve about certain "underworlds" that might exist in a big city.
...I dunno.
I like how on the first episode the lady tells about how she got into the business, and basically what happened is, after what she thought was a "1 night stand", the guy gave her a wad of cash, and she realized that he thought she was a prostitute. So, she kept collecting money.
The show reveals the different levels of this lifestyle, including becoming aCourtesan, which is like a high-class prostitute. She even has a female pimp. It's wild!
Anyway, I think it'll be a hit, cuz it's light-hearted. It's not too preachy about women's rights or anything, cuz the girl doesn't mind being a ho. She enjoys it and it's all consentual and she gets to go to fancy parties with men sometimes (as an "escort") and receive expensive gifts for her services and stuff. It really gives your daughters something to aspire to! ...just kidding. It's on Showtime, anyway.
An added bonus is that it's based on a true story. It's adapted from a book and (you'll love this part) a blog. The book is called Belle de jour: The Intimate Confessions of a London Call Girl. The girl, apparently has two identites, her real identity and this femme fatale of a vixen named Belle that lives out her greatest fantacies with men.
Anyway, watch it. You'll see what I'm talking about.Hello, my name is Brittany. I am married and a stay at home house wife, i  have been trying to get pregnant for near a year now with no luck what so ever :( its the most depressing thing that i have ever felt, i have seen a couple doctors, took prenatal vitamins, folic acid and fertlity pills but none seem to of helped, it seems as if all these girls that do not want to be pregnant end up pregnant, that either abort or complain about how much its made there life miserable... I wish that pregnancy was something you could buy :( i would be a perfect mother, i am already a stay at home and i would be a stay at home mom. I also thought about adoption... but i would really like to feel my pregnancy, but with adoption it costs tons of money... WHY? im not sure your just being generous to give the child a chance in the world... i have no friends, no body to talk to, i try to talk to my husband about my feelings but i dont think he understand exactually how i am feeling..



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