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>> Wednesday, 18 May 2011


In today's world of text messaging and IM's I am afraid the art of Intercourse is going the way of the typewriter salesman. I don't mean intercourse as in S. E. X., but as in websters definition of intercourse as in the spoken and written communication between people.
Now if you apply both meanings of intercourse simultaneously you get a lot of TALK about SEX, and I've noticed that a lot of you enjoy Talking about Sex. If we spent as much time engaging in this activity as we do talking about it, I'm sure we'd all be a lot happier.I know many of you have come to expect a certain type of hub from me and to that end I hope to not disappoint you. My inspiration for writing this hub came from an e-mail from another hubber. This hubber stated that a friend had written a letter to their significant other, which had brought that person to orgasm. Now my friend those must have been some powerful words, and I'm sure they couldn't be published in this venue, but it got me thinking about the power of the written and spoken word. I've never read words strung together in such a fashion that words alone could move me to have an orgasm.....at least not without a little self manipulation, if you catch my drift. I have read words, looked at pictures and certain types of movies that motivated me to self-manipulation and orgasm.....but never words alone.
Here at Hubpages we talk a lot about sexual issues and we know if we mention SEX, Panties, Boobs, Masturbation,Penis, Oral, Anal, Menage and a number of other keywords in our titles, then these hubs are going to be bombarded with hits and comments.  Throw in some suggestive photos and you've got a real hit on your hands. Personally I refuse to stoop to that level.....I'm here just for clean informative intercourse with my readers.  This brings me back to the written and spoken communication.  I believe communication is being eroded and lost as a result of our latest technology.  Our children.....and a lot more adults I've noticed, can type out letter combinations with their thumbs much faster than I can type words on the keyboard of my computer.  LOL, ROTFLOL, STFU, BTW, and other letters fly through the ether and instantaneously arrive on the receiving end of cell phones, computers, PDA's, Blackberries, IPhones and other devices.  Add in smiley faces :-) winks ;-) frowns:-( and other emoticons (hows that for a new technological term), and now now human communication has really gotten compromised.
I'm as guilty as many others here in throwing out the occasional LOL in my comments.....just pure laziness on my part.  For the most part I see a lot less of the abbreviated communication here at Hubpages because after all....we're writers for goodness sake.

Technological changes in Communication

Time and technology marches on. What more proof do we need of this than the fact that we are here publishing information that is distributed around the world instantly. Just the other day I was communicating with Blondepoet in Australia, cindyvine in communist China, and Badcompany in Ireland....all chatting through the comments in a hub we had hijacked (ALERT: Hubpages....We need a chat room). It struck me what a small world it's becoming.Right now printed newspapers and magazines are becoming like that typewriter salesman as well. Today more and more newspapers and magazines are being published on the internet. The phone book white and yellow pages are being replaced by Google, Yahoo and other search engines. I can google a business and get their phone number and a map of how to get there along with their web site quicker than I can look a number up in the phone book.
Television is switching from analog to digital. One day schools will be obsolete....everything we need to know will fit on the head of a pin and be inserted into the cortex of our brains at birth....who needs communication....right???

Riding the Wave

 I see all of you and myself on the cutting edge of revolutionary changes in communication.  Instant publishing of thoughts, ideas, rants, raves, humor, poetry, sexual, social, religious, controversial, liberal, conservative COMMUNICATION.
I'd like to thank each of you for taking the time to write the wonderful hubs I find here at Hubpages, and also for taking the time to stop by for a read from R. BluDo condoms "dull" mens sensations during sex? Every time if I ask him to puts on a condom, he may say that he loses sensation,! This feeling will come to mind some times. It can take a while to get used to wearing a condom- when we use a them for birth control or for STD protection. Actually using a condom is much usefull / beneficial to both partners because it dulls men’s sensations enough to slow down their urge to orgasm -- and make sex last longer time.
After a while men or B/F may no longer feel the difference between intercourse with or without the condom. It is better to experiment with different kinds, brands and shapes of condoms.( For girls it is thrilling event to put condom into guy’s/men’s erect / hot penis. we won’t get this chance after words.)
The thinner brands cost more, but are still just as effective and do provide for more sensation. Encouraging men to experiment with different condoms is necessory, then condom can make sex pleasant one, & No fear of infection from STD.Sexual intercourse outside marriage, once a taboo, has pervasively become the order of the day in this the so-called modern days. The situation now is such that it is considered an absurdity not to be doing it. Like a dog beaten in a contest, mankind is beginning to return home with tail folded between our legs as a result of the suffering, pain, shame and disease occasioned by premarital sex.
As the evil and challenge of pre-marital sex and infidelity in marriages jolt the people back to their senses, a number of relationship authorities such Auntie Agatha of Share A Problem with Agatha and Marriage Clinic, Tina L. Jones an associate of Alexandra Fox, notable relationship coaches and the book Foundation For Joyful Relationship have spoken with vehemence on the merits of avoiding pre-marital sex and the dangers of engaging in it.
It has been established that premarital sex scuttles the possibility of a relationship growing into a beautiful experience. Yet, those who get engaged in premarital sex do so for the experience. Surveys have shown that a great deal of young single adult men and women would like to avoid premarital sex. How do they go about this in the presence of the overpowering influence of the sexual dimorphism?
The following preparations and activities have helped a great deal in saving the virtue of young people and even seniors' in dating:
• Be careful not to be alone with the opposite sex - I know the questions would fly from left right and center. How can we date without being able to be alone so we can talk? How can we learn about one another without talking? This is why group dating is strongly emphasized. You do not need to be alone to talk. In fact, when you are alone together, you would not be talking. You would be consumed by feelings which would lead you to premarital sex unless you do the next best thing....
• Leave, run, escape - Be prepared and do please leave the scene of dating when you first notice that you are alone or the mood has started to change. In fact, the moment your conversation starts hanging, words become scarce and both of you start staring at each other. When he leaves where he was sitting and comes over by your side and starts breathing down those charged airs from his body. The moment he starts grabbing your hands. The moments his friends who were all with both of you start leaving, it is also time for you to leave. This could be arranged. This is when date-rape takes place. This is the time to leave, run and escape, whichever is applicable with your circumstances. It might be necessary to shock the man back to his senses with a dirty slap. This could be counter-productive, but very handy if you could not escape. It is best, however, to get up and leave, run and escape as the case may be.
• Settle Beginnings - It is absolutely necessary that some benchmarks be set before you set out on the date or as you settle down to talk. Some of the issues that need to be settled in advance include but not limited to:
a. Dirty language 
b. Intimate language 
c. Handshakes and touching 
d. Petting and kissing
Dirty and intimate languages would arouse in both of you feelings you cannot control. Your tolerance of these kinds of languages would give you out as someone who is ready for whatever comes including sexual intercourse on demand. Most men are quick to seize such opportunities. Probably most women too. 
Petting and kissing, handshakes and touching are dangerous precursors of sexual intercourse. During wedding ceremonies, the official conducting the wedding usually invites the groom to kiss the bride as husbands and wives do. That's an ouster clause for dating partners.
Experience has shown that those who date properly and avoid premarital sex enjoy their dating and courtship experience much more than those who get involved in premarital sex. Also, early marriage decisions with clear head have result more in no-sex dating and courtships.
Francis Nmeribe is a Relationship Expert and Coach. He is the author of two bestselling books - Foundation For Joyful Relationships and Growing From Your Experiences



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