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Indian young girl story with stranger sexy and hot story

>> Friday, 9 September 2011

Priya and I are friends and sometimes we sit together and chat a lot during boring lectures. We both liked each other company and we have also kissed on few occasions. We became close to each other and then the time came when we first kissed in my car and sometimes in college secretly. For me, she was very attractive. When we were getting closer, a sudden shock came to me when she said it is not correct and she has a boyfriend. We still enjoyed talking and hanging out even when our encounter was not welcomed by Priya. As days passed, I made up my mind to ask her to meet up for a cup of coffee, she said O.k. I asked her on Wednesday and we fixed the day to meet on Friday as that day my parents were leaving out of town and I would be alone for 2 days. I picked her up in my car and we went to a coffee shop. We were chatting, but she was looking so gorgeous, I could not take my eyes out of her. She saw me staring at her and bent her head down. Once again I started into the conversation to make her comfortable by asking her some stupid questions. Now I can feel her more comfortable and we started in discussion and took us 1 hour to finish the coffee. She looked her watch and sent me a signal it's time to go home. I interrupted her and asked her to come to my place as it was afternoon only and we both didn't feel like going to college. She agreed to come along with me. Wewatched TV and simultaneously we were talking about different things. Then we started to chat about sex and she confessed that she had sex with her boyfriend once. I got motivated and decided to ask, if she wants to kiss me and she agreed. This time she was comfortable. Now she laid her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes. I just dropped my free hand on her cheeks and started feeling her smooth cheeks and moved my fingers near her rosy lips, she suddenly opened her mouth and bit my finger, though it did not hurt me, I smiled back to her and lift her face and thought it was time to taste her to each and every limit. She hugged me very tight and whispered in my ears to go to my bedroom. We both in hands on each other shoulders, we made our way to my bedroom. We sat on my bed and in fact I did not like to waste a single second, so I took her face in both my hands and started to kiss from her beautiful closed eyes. This was all happening in such a speed I guess she was prepared for it. I planted one small kiss on each of her eyelids. Then kissed her beautiful nose tip. I was holding myself not to hurry and enjoy each and every moment. Then kissed her cheeks, oh, it was wonderful and now was the turn of her rose petal lips.. My heart was pounding at great speed while I took her lower lip in my both lips and wiped my tongue on her lip. Priya was sending in shocks through my spine. I could not hold on any longer and locked my mouth with hers. I tried to taste her tongue and was greeted readily by hers as she tried to suck my tongue. The taste was really wonderful, at that moment I felt that I want Priya to be mined forever. We carried on our passionate kiss for few more minutes, and then I moved to her cute tits. I tried to feel her cute boobs from above her top. On feeling my grip on her tits, she gave out a soft moan. I got pretty excited from the looks on her face. I pulled her top up and planted a kiss on her fair cute tummy. She was in blue top and jeans. Now I took her top off and also pulled off my t-shirt. As soon as I unhooked the blouse, I could see her small cute tits trying to look beyond the beautiful bra of hers. I could not hold on longer to let myself deprived of the taste of her naked cute boobs. Darling "mujhe bahut mazza aa raha hai, Zarra mere boobs ko bhi dabao na". I inserted both my hands from her back and tried to look for her bra hook. She lifted her body in order to make the things easier for me. Within a second I freed up her cute tits from her bra. Oh, the scene was driving me crazy, like I had never seen before. Her tits were very fair with a pink accent. Her beautiful nipples were fully erect to the excitement. I caressed one of her nipples with my lips and tried to make it grow more into my mouth by stimulating it with my tongue. Meanwhile, I laid my other free hand on her other nipple, trying to feel its growing dimensions. At this, Priya started moaning loudly Aaahhhhhh I started pressing andmassaging Priya sexy boobs and she was enjoying it and was moaning. I kept tickling her senses for some time and then tried to suck her boobs one by one by trying to take all of the tasty stuff into my mouth. I played my mouth on her tits until they turned red in heat and excitement. At this stage Priya was trying to sneak her hands inside her jeans in order to reach her cunt, this indicated to me that, now is the time to give my cute Priya more. I interrupted her attempt and pulled her jeans down in no time and she was wearing a cotton panty. I think she was prepared for the excitement today. She again tried to reach her hand to her cunt, but again I interrupted and offered my services to satisfy her hot desires. I then kissed her navel and her tummy. Now I started giving Priya eroticmassage with my fingers on her abdomen and over her pussy, she was giggling and moaning and said, "Mujhe bahut gudgudee ho rahi hai". Now I pulled down her panty I saw that her pussy was clean shaven and then I kissed her pussy and there was an erotic odor coming from her pussy. She was really prepared herself well for the event.. I could feel the wetness of her pussy lips with my hand rubbing smoothly on her cunt. My touch on her pussy sent a shiver through her and she gave out a soft moan. "AHHH." I knew this all was going to be really great. I laid her on the bed & now her lovely cute naked body was in front of me in its full glory. She waswatching my eyes scanning her beautiful body. She gave a smile, got up and reached to unbutton my jeans and in one go she unzipped my jeans.  I could hear her breath getting heavier and heavier as she pulled my jeans down. She got a little brave at this and pulled down my undies at once freeing up my hot erect cock. She looked into my eyes and smiled back at me. We both were naked now. She started touching my cock. I felt an electric shock at that stage, she brought her other hand and placed on my dick, her cute hands, which felt so smooth and then she planted a kiss on the bulging tip of my dick. The feeling of her lips touching my organ sent out a shivering wave in my body. With my dick in her beautiful soft hands, she asked me to lie down on the bed, which I was more than obedient to do. She knelt down between both my legs and took the bulging tip of my dick in her mouth. She licked my dick for some time. I liked the job done by her lips, so pulled her towards me in order to reward her beautiful lips by locking them with mine and let her taste my tongue. We both were now hot and excited to the limit. I made Priya lie on the bed facing the ceiling widened her legs to knelt there. I bent over her cunt in order to do what I like the most in sex. I touched her beautiful wet cunt with my tongue and she gave out a soft moan like "AHHHH OHHHH". I grasped her clit between my lips and pulled my lips to let it slide over her clit. At this, she shivered and gave out a soft cry again. This made her go crazy and she was screaming in joy. She was pinching her nipples with her one hand and her other hand was on the back of my head with her cute fingers combing through my hair. I continued this for few minutes, and she gave out a loud cry in pleasure along with flooding my mouth with her sweet juices. She was shaking in pleasure and screaming loudly. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and there was a beautiful smile on her face. She was still enjoying her first orgasm. She was looking so beautiful, sexy and appealing at that time. I got over her and hugged her tightly and sucked her lips. She responded so as to reward me for the good work. I got in the field again and asked her to bend her legs on knees, and lift her hips. I pushed a pillow under her buttocks so as to lift her cunt to the height of my dick while I knelt. I opened the packet of condom and slipped it through my dick seeing this Priya gave me a naughty smile. I kept rubbing my dick on her cunt for sometime so as to wet it with her sweet juices thoroughly. She liked it and motivated me by her soft moaning. I got excited at her moans and tried to push my dick inside her cunt, but in vain the tip of my dick tried to find a little space for itself to adjust in but this made Priya cry in pain and she tried to resist the insertion. I gave up this attempt and tried to finger fuck her little tight pussy for a while. I tried to push my finger inside her and kept rubbing her pussy with my other hand. Next moment I pressed my cock on her pussy and pushed it inside with a thrust by inserting my cock in her pussy and she moaned loudly "aaaaaahhhhhh". She kept her legs wrapped around my waist and I was now pumping in full force and so her moan were louder, "ooohhhhh fucccckkkkkkk!" Her face had turned red, but I did not stop and continued fucking her. I made sure that I don't ejaculate very early. Now I felt that my sperm was boiling inside my penis very badly and I increased my speed and Priya was making sexy screams and I felt that I was unable to hold my sperms inside my cock and I took my penis out and I spurted out tons of sperms inside the condom and few drops felt on Priya tummy. We now fell into each other arms and we were breathing heavily. I kissed her rosy lips and she kissed me back. We got up from the bed and I led her to bathroom to wash. Came back from the bathroom and in to the room naked. Priya said, Darling let me tell you one thing, though I have a boyfriend, but I feel that you and me are made for each other. As soon as she came near me, I pulled her and made her sit on my lap while we were talking dirty things. Her sexy ass pressing on my limp cock made it rise again to its full glory. She was enjoying the bulge of my cock against her ass cheeks. While we were talking, we kept kissing each other on lips, neck. I licked her ear lobes and she was turning hot again. We kept this foreplay go on for some time. As both of us were excited again to the limit. This time, I wanted to try a new position. I lay down on bed and made her stand on the bed with her legs wide open besides my legs. I asked her to sit slowly and carefully made her pussy rest on my dick. I inserted my cock in her pussy and she moaned loudly "aaaaaahhhhhh" and I caught Priya soft ass in my hands tightly and Priya started riding over me and I was caressing her ass erotically and she was riding up and down in a very sexy way and was moaning, "ahhhhhhhhhhh". My dick was fully inserted into her cunt. She started shaking her body up and down to make her pussy walls rub on my cock. It wasn't much difficult for me to hold her on as she was not much heavy in weight in the same position. I fucked her in the same position for some time and she was in her full heat and jumping like a mad on my cock. She was screaming in excitement and her sexy moans were driving me crazy and I was enjoying her pussy walls rubbing on my dick. Soon, she had her third orgasm, and was shaking in my lap. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I hugged her tightly so as to feel the vibrations of her body. While she was enjoying her orgasm. I laid her on the bed, she was having a very good time, as she was smiling and laughing while looking into my eyes. I was kissing her lips and tits again and again. We rested and then again I sat on the bed and made Priya sit on my lap facing me with her legs kept over my thighs so that I could embrace her in my arms, kiss her lips and caress her boobs. Now with my cock inserted in her pussy and I was holding her hips tightly in my hands and started pumping slowly and kissed and pressed her boobs and now Priya started moving her hips sexily and was moaning "aammmmm, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" and we were caressing each other's body like anything and I asked her, Priya darling are you enjoying? She was so sexually excited that she kissed my lips continuously for 10 minutes. Priya was shaking her hips in a very sexy manner and seeing this my cock was getting charged up inside her pussy. My sperm was boiling again and I asked her to get over me without taking out my dick from her enclosure. Now I was lying on bed and she was jumping on my dick again. Soon I reached the limit and this time I spurted inside her pussy. She continued and did not stop even my dick calmed down. After some time we reached normalcy and She collapsed on my body. Both of us were very tired and exhausted and remained like that for long time. After that moment we were talked dirty things for sometime still naked. We lie on bed for 15 minutes. Talking to each other and then decided to go for a bath. I brushed my lips softly on Priya lips and told her that I will do something to her pussy that will give her real pleasure. So with my erotic finger I started tickling her pussy and clitoris and she was moaning with great pleasure, "aaaaaaaahhh, uuuuumm, bahut mazza aa raha hai darling, mere choot mein kuch kuch ho raha hai". Priya told me that she wanted to pee due to my stimulating her pussy, she sat down to pee. While she was pissing I touched her urine and saw that her urine was hot. We bathed and Priya started kissing my penis and now she with her long fingernails started tickling and stimulating the area below my penis and my testicles, "aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" I loved it and as a result I was hard again. We had one more oral session and came out. We both got dressed sat next to each other. She kept her head on my shoulders and said she had a great time and would like to have few more times..   It was getting late and she said she has to leave now. We hugged each other and promised her what ever happened will be in between us in secrecy. Then I went to drop Priya home. I asked her, Priya darling are you satisfied? She said, 'Yes honey' and then came near me kissed and she left. I had been to her place few times and she had come to my place few times and had a great time, which I will never forget



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