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>> Friday, 9 September 2011

My name is Vijay. I am 36 years old, unmarried, with my own flat in JB Nagar in Andheri East. I own a business of assembling and selling computers under the ARYAN Brand. My overheads are extremely low, and my margins moderate. So I sell up to a 100 computers a month in Maharashtra itself my USP is supplying different colored computers for different professions. For doctors, it is blue.

For schools it is gray. For individuals, it is red And so on. Between my 2 engineers, both of whom are ladies and are sisters and I, with an office boy, can assemble up to ten systems a normal day. We have done better when we had to complete larger orders.

Gomathi was one of the sisters who work with us. She is around 35, dark complexioned, like those from South, and which for me is a sign of beauty. She is fairly plump, but with rather nice features, and a ready winsome smile. Her large eyes, with long eyelashes were a natural gift in her. She has a nose stud and a pair of large earrings. She was always draped in a sari and to me she is gorgeous!

When I was hiring, I had to go through a lot of elimination process, as I was keen on hiring those who I could depend on, and not make my company a stepping board for their careers. I saw a number of candidates, but none suited my requirements. That evening, after completing the interviews, as I was walking out of my cabin.

I saw this lady arguing with the office boy saying she had to see me as she needs the job.

"And how do you think you are qualified for the work" I asked her. "I am a single mother.

I live in Marol, not very far from here, and I am a willing worker and a quick learner. And I will not desert you" she said. I called her in and at the end of half an hour, I found her to be the ideal candidate, as her primary concern was a steady and regular job, and that too near her house. I volunteered to drop her home as she said it was nearby, and as we were driving, she asked,

"Can I ask my younger sister Jamuna to see you? She too needs a job." And that is how these two ladies ended up in my small Company.

Being a compact group, we used to break bread together. As a bachelor, all I could bring was vegetable sandwiches, sometimes egg sandwiches. They would get dosa and idli and other typical Tamil Tiffin, which all of us would pool and share.

Gomathi had married at 28, had a daughter at 30, and at 32 was deserted by her husband, who found his cousin more beautiful and fair! She filed for divorce and got it with maintenance for her and the child being paid by him. Gomathi had to have more income as what she got from her ex-husband was insufficient. And that is how she came here in desperation after reading the ad. In the papers.

At 36, for the first time I was getting attracted to this lady. I did have a few flings earlier, but they were in passing. With Gomathi, it seemed different.

Often, on Saturdays, we would all work till 2 or 2.30, after which I would take them to the nearby restaurant for our food. Santosh, the office boy would leave for home by 1, and that left the three of us together. I had put Santosh into a school for honing his skills and his time was devoted to that This lunch break became a routine which we looked forward to, and we would sit, eat and talk till 4 or 4.30 and then I would drop them home and return.

The three of us became intimate in our relationship, though not in the physical sense! My fondness for Gomathi increased slowly and she was getting to be aware of it as when she used to see me looking at her, she used to smile back very sweetly but shyly.

At Deepavali, I gave the three of them very generous bonus, as we had done very well in business and my Singapore Principals, who supply components had sent us a very generous payment as 'loyalty' bonus, a part of which I gave them.

In December, Christmas fell on a Tuesday. I planned to give them a day off on Monday, and combining Saturday, wanted to go for a 3 or 4 day outing. Santosh declined to come as he was to take his exams just then. I had booked 2 bedrooms in one of the secluded locations in Kandala, in the mountains, where we could from here, go for long walks.

That Saturday, Jamuna could not come into work. 'She's been unwell since last evening" said Gomathi. "Then, is it just the two of us?" I asked with a wink. "Yes" she said with a shy smile. I phoned up the Holiday Home and cancelled one room, and the two of us left after lunch. Taking the Expressway, we reached Kandala in two and half hours and checked into the room. It was a lovely A/C room, large, with some great furniture, and a large double bed. "Is this OK or shall I get you a separate room?" I asked Gomathi.

"This is fine" she replied, again with her shy smile.

The time was past 8, and after a quick wash we went for a leisurely dinner in the Holiday Home itself. By the time we returned it was 10.30. Gomathi had adorned herself with all the trinkets and had made herself up- though I always felt she doesn't need one, and I was looking at her longingly even at dinner. "What are you looking at?" She asked me. "What else? I am mesmerized by you" I said. She smiled coyly.

As it was a double bed, I took away a blanket and a pillow and started moving towards the large settee to sleep. "Where to? And what for?" She asked. "I have been looking forward to this, and I made Jamuna stay back, so that we two can be together."

What more could I ask for! I went back and as I was about to get into bed, Gomathi who was reclining on the bedstead, just came down and pulling me to her laps, and raising my head in the crook of her arms, kissed me with her soft, wet lips right on my mouth. This lasted a few minutes, as now, we were both engrossed on each others mouth and exploring every part of it, our tongues moving in unison, lapping away the saliva. I was thrilled. "Gomathi! I love you" I said. "I know. Not now, but from the day you recruited me. And I was determined to have you for myself" she said.

Gently releasing myself and sliding away from her, I pulled her to me and this time, I kissed her on her mouth, playing with her tongue, and looking deep into her mascara-filled eyes. She was hissing and sighing, and off and on calling out my name, "Vijay! My Vijay! I love you and will always love you"

We were both clothed, and for anyone, the best part of sex is to strip each other tantalizingly.. I gently removed her pallu, and saw that her lovely breasts were straining at the seams of her blouse. While I continued sucking her tongue and her lips, I started removing her blouse buttons and removed the now open blouse, exposing her bra-filled breasts. Lifting her up gently, I deftly removed the hooks from her bra, and pulled it off her arms and threw that away, exposing the most delightful pair of beautiful, soft, bouncing breast, with the nipples proudly erect.

I have a penchant for big and dark breast, and here was what I have always yearned for! She closed her face with her hands and looked at me shyly from between her fingers. "Shouldn't I?" I asked her. "You must. I am waiting for your mouth on my breasts and to feel you sucking me away. I am just feeling shy" she replied. And then as I removed her hand from her face, I dipped my moist mouth on her breast and taking her large lovely dark nipple between my mouth and tongue, started sucking, gently at first, and then slowly increasing the speed and pressure.

Her arm was now around my head, pressing it down more into her breast, almost cutting away my breath. I lifted my head and saw her, her face in ecstasy, her eyes half closed, a finger in her mouth, while her hand was tussling my hair. I went on sucking her for a while, and then turned my attention to the other breast repeating what I did earlier. Gomathi was tensing. "Ammah! It feels so wonderful to have a man like you" she whispered. "I too love you, my dark beauty. Since I saw you" I said. And went back to what I was doing.

My hand now went down, teasing her naked flesh all the way down till I reached her waist, where her sari was, and removed the folds to expose her petticoat. I removed the knot in a jiffy, and slid it down her legs. She was now completely nude, though she covered herself by crossing her thighs and looking at me with her finger in her mouth. And then she winked at me. She was completely clean there without a hair on her. "I did this for you last night" she said.

And then, all of a sudden, and without warning, she just jumped at me, tearing away my shirt and unhooking my belt. "God! You want to be in a 3-piece suit?" She asked with feigned anger. And in a matter of a few seconds, she had stripped me. My manhood was in full glory- all of its 6" length. She took her breath in. And then she kneeled in front of me. Holding it in her hand most lovingly,

She said, "Vijay! This is the most beautiful thing which is just for me."

And without any further ado, she took the full length into her mouth, moving her tongue on the full shaft from the base to its tip. I was transported away into bliss. But then, had she continued, I would have come into her mouth. That was not my intention. Bending down, and catching her under her armpits, my palm on her breasts, I lifter her, and placed my mouth on hers, and carried her back to bed.

"Let us know each other better my Gomathi. What is the hurry? Our intentions are clear and we want each other" I said.

And laid her back on her side of the cot and lay next to her. She embraced me, and she started scratching me on my nipples with her finger nails, while her toes were going up and down the length of my feet. I held on to her with some pressure and then again started sucking her breasts. At this, she turned and laid her self on her back, taking my free hand to her other breast, wanting me to play with it. I took her one nipple in my mouth and the other nipple between my fingers and teased it. She was on fire. And she was wreathing.

"I love you! I love you! Pinch me! Bite me! My own Vijay. So much pleasure in your mouth and in your fingers. I truly love you" she was hissing between her teeth, her hands groping around me.

We went on like this for sometime, and then I slowly moved my hand down to between her thighs. Till then, she had her thighs crossed, probably she was leaking. As my hand went between the valleys, she opened her thighs, and I found out she had been leaking and quite a bit, as the bed where she was lying down was wet. My finger searched for her pussy lips, and found them. I gently opened them, and started massaging it with my finger, gradually increasing the speed, while my sucking of her breasts continued, and with more vigor and then, my finger rested at her vagina.

With it, I started making circular motions there repeatedly, to which she responded by spreading her thighs wider, and bringing her hands down, spread it even more. My finger slid in and I started probing her with it. There was no resistance as she was wet, and she was still coming. "Vijay. I am leaking away my lover" she said. I bent between her thighs and lifting her by her ass, placed my mouth right on her cunt and started lapping away her flow. She was hot. And then I started moving my tongue, right from the base of her womanhood up to the base of her clitoris. I was enjoying her as much as she was enjoying me, and our love making was in unison. And then I thrust my tongue into her.

It went in and I probed her with my snaking tongue, when I was rewarded with another flush of her warm cum. I lapped it away, enjoying what I was doing. Her intensity in calling my name and mouthing endearments reached a crescendo, making my manhood stiffer.

I then came away from her and went up to her and started kissing her on her face. My finger, first the index and then the middle, started probing her love hole. She was kissing me with ardor, and she was salivating so much that I seemed to be drinking this too. And then my finger found her 'G' spot. I reduced the intensity of the finger's movements and started slowly teasing it there.

Gently and even more gently, till it fell into a rhythm to which she was responding. Gomathi was in flames. "Vijay. Oh darling. Don't sop. Finger fucks me sweetheart. I love you darling. I love you, and ever so." And her hips were thrashing, her legs were in the air, and then suddenly she bit me on my lips drawing blood. "Oh God. So sorry darling. I couldn't control. Whatever you are doing is so delightful, making me realize I am a woman to be had by a real man. And that is what is happening now. Darling Vijay. Don't get angry. Come to me lover. Take me. Enter me with your manhood deep in me. Pour your love into me" she cried.

It was time. I too had reached my peak, and any more delay would have made me spill out other than in her. And I wanted my seed in her..

I came down now, and as I did, she spread out her legs wide, her cunt lips so lovely and pink, now exposed, making me even hornier. I came between her thighs, and drawing her to me, took her legs around me. And then as my manhood faced her love hole, she thrust herself on to it, and took the entire length into herself. From then on, it was a most beautiful mating that a couple can wish for!

She was gentle. And then was wild.

I was gentle too, and then I was rough.

She was demure, but then she became like a tigress.

I was manly but did turn wild.

And then it was a symphony in sex between us, and as the crescendo rose, so did our passion. It was like a gentle music rising in tempo and reaching a peak and then as it peaked, our dams broke and we flooded one another, crying out our names, and reaching out to one another, locking our mouths in an everlasting kiss, in which our souls merged as one. A few weeks later Gomathi and I were married.



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