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Beautiful Indian Girls vs Pakistani Girls

>> Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Pakistan and India was combined country as the name of subcontinent. We can not differentiate between the Pakistan and Indian girls if they are standing together because both countries are neighbor and same weather environment. Girls of both the countries have the same skin colors, there heights there physical shape and appearance etc.
If you try to differentiate on the base of color and shape it is quite difficult. But Pakistan is an Islamiccountry while Hindus lived in India. Both the countries have there own traditions and customs. So we can separate the Pakistani and Indian girls on the base of there customs and way of thinking.
Pakistani girls wear the mostly Shalwar Kamiz and now on some extent the trousers and shirts. Pakistani girls wear the complete dress along with the veil, Skarf or Dopata on the head.
Indian girls also wear the Shalwar Kamiz but there national dress in Sarhi and they also use to wear the paint and shirts on large scale. There is no concept on Veil or Skarf in the Indiana society.

Indian girls like to dance and to sing because this is all in there customs. They are also free to chose there life partner.



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