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>> Wednesday, 2 November 2011

In India youth is very much fascinated by the media and showbiz glamour. Every Indian girl or boy whetherhe is poor or rich wants to be Indian idol by using any means. Everyone wants fame and success inglamorous world of bollywood. The media is playing a strong role behind this craziness of youth. Media promotes such beauty contests or performance based contests each year on each channel that youth is being aspired too much. Girls are eager to be beauty queens. There are such ways in medical world that girls can use to have required shape of body which can impress judges. There is example of Sushmita Sen who artificially shaped her breasts to please judges. liposuction helps to remove fat, nose jobs, face lifts. By watching these beauty ads and beauty contests, every girl wants to be sensuous and gorgeous. If she is not beautiful she feels insecure and turns to market to buy beauty creams which can worsen the situation but can’t improve it. But there is another side of the picture that is dark and presents a contrast between rural women and urban women.
Women in rural areas are not enjoying their rights which are being claimed in their constitution. In some areas of India women are not allowed to get education. The death rate of baby girls is high than baby boy. Boys are given importance and preference in all through their lives. From childhood to youth, women aresubject to their father, after marriage to husband and in old age to their sons. During pregnancy if baby is girl it is aborted. This tendency is on increase. On the contrast a small section of society enjoys all the liberties. They enjoy seductive dress, smoking, drinking, sleep with any boy friend and take part in beautycontests. Should all these be allowed to fundamental rights? Whenever these beauty contests are opposed, these beauty queens do talk about on feminism. But have they ever taken notice of mortality among girls and increased selective abortion of girls. Every 26 minutes a woman is molested, every 34 minutes a rape takes place, every 42 minutes a sexual harassment incident occurs. There are too many contrasts between rural women and urban women in India. The question arises how this gap will be fulfilled? Who will improve women’s poor condition in all parts of the world?



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